Jas Mathur: a fraudster disguised as a businessman.

A successful entrepreneur? An Instagram Influencer? A celebrity? Well, it’s really important to learn the truth now! Discover the answer by reading the article.

United Kingdom, 24th Jul 2022 –  Jas Mathur, or Jaspreet Mathur, is apparently some “famous” fitness trainer who has become an Instagram influencer and a business mogul. Now, let’s get down to brass tacks and discuss the facts:

A successful entrepreneur, having a successful business with no activity on LinkedIn? CEO of Limitless and Emblaze One for more than 12 years and no activity on their LinkedIn Business Pages? How legit does it sound to you? This is more evident that Jas Mathur, under the guise of the company names Limitless or Emblaze One, is engaged in unlawful business activities.

If you look at his Instagram, you’ll see that around 90% of the activity on his 8.2 million follower account appears to be bogus, with generic flame emoji comments and similarly phrased comments repeated. All he does is quietly direct visitors to his website, Limitless, where he sells pills with questionable claims.

He seems to be somehow affiliated with Floyd Mayweather, a wrestler, and Nargis Fakhri, a Bollywood celebrity, but it also looks like his association with them could just be paid for as it’s only ever been staged photos on instagram.

In addition to that, he “launched” a CBD brand named Smilz. Again, over 90% of the conversation on that Instagram appears to be counterfeit. And the few genuine comments complaining about not receiving the product.

He lives quite a lavish life , hosts huge parties , has expensive cars.

So the question now is how he manages this lifestyle.

SO here’s the truth : The unfortunate reality is that this so-called celebrity is nothing more than a con artist, a liar, and a fraudster who has been defrauding people for more than ten years at this point. Jas Mathur is involved in transaction laundering as well as the laundering of money using his US company set ups and taking payment processing MIDs using these companies. 

He has been using his US companies to get merchant accounts from banks and PSPs for more than 10 years.  Jas Mathur is involved in getting these MIDs and outsourcing these merchant accounts to illegitimate companies, and then laundering this money to various different countries using illegal transactions.

He has positioned himself as an acquirer. He deals with high-risk businesses such as gaming, gambling, CBD, and so on. Now, how does he gain the merchants’ trust? After processing small amounts for the merchants, this is how he gains the trust of the merchants. When the processing volume reaches a certain threshold, he states that the MIDs are depleted and the money is gone. Yes, it is a well-planned con that has been going on from last 10 years.

He maintains his stealth mode by communicating under fictitious aliases.

He makes use of well-known organisations as front faces and provides payment solutions to these companies behind the scenes.

When payments are seized, these front face companies end up being the ones hurt, while Jas Mathur walks away with all of the money.

If someone demands his money, he may always utilise his pals in the criminal underworld to threaten these victims. He scares them with threatening calls and messages.

This is an insanely well-executed hoax! Want everyone to know to be on the lookout for these scammers. BEWARE! It’s important that the news gets out. If you work in the financial industry, this warning is very important to heed. 

Don’t allow such individuals to deceive you and steal your hard-earned money. 











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