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Keyspace names Julian Banks, brainchild of Snoop Dogg NFT, to advisory board

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Los Angeles, California, United States, 25th Aug 2022, King NewsWire, Transitioning one’s brand into the metaverse can be a daunting task. From a business perspective, lack of knowledge makes employing this nascent technology an intimidating prospect, especially when a brand’s initial inroads tend to set the tone for their future messaging and optics within the space. 

As brands extrapolate upon their current web 2.0 ecosystems, it’s necessary for them to overhaul their current framework and build an infrastructure centered on converting platforms and system data into tokens and smart contracts. One of the first movers facilitating this transition is Atlanta-based Keyspace Studio. Keyspace operates as the vital connection between a company’s traditional business and their burgeoning virtual identity by facilitating integration into web3 and articulating brand messaging within this new realm. Brands are then able to leverage product access by engaging with NFTs within user wallets and connect with their loyal customer base in completely transformative ways. 

Keyspace Studio recently announced the upcoming release of their no-code Web3 NFT platform explicitly designed for marketers by marketers. The platform’s cornerstone is an all-inclusive approach to managing NFT campaigns for loyalty, brand affinity, and employee recognition. “The focus of the platform is to remove the intimidation and complexity of Web3 and enable marketers and creators to build Web3 campaigns without knowing how to code or hiring blockchain developers,” Jonathan Hessing, CEO and Co-Founder of Keyspace Studio. The development team, led by Veronica Lobanov, is architecting and developing the platform with the end-user in mind. 

A well-intentioned company entering the space will ultimately fall short if they don’t embrace the trove of creators and artists buttressing their campaign. By naming Julian Banks, creator of the wildly popular Snoop Dogg x Babolex collaborative NFT, to its executive board, Keyspace signals their intent to bolster their ranks with prominent NFT founders and highlight the fundamental tenet in web3: community. 

Consumer brands have already begun their initial foray into the space in order to sell their products and offer utility to their customer base. Gucci recently partnered with Roblox, one of the most popular metaverse games and platforms, to revolutionize the shopping experience. Adidas collaborated with Bored Ape Yacht Club in order to mint 30,000 NFT’s and crafted digital wearables for on-chain gaming. And Atari created a line of haute couture fashion within the digital realm. Keyspace aims to seamlessly transition these traditional brands into the metaverse by expanding into new segments and markets to drive mass-blockchain adoption.

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