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MAD Metaverse Alpha-test Results in Over 14,000 Paid Transactions After 24 Days

Singapore, 15th Feb 2023, King NewsWireMAD Metaverse is proud to announce the resounding success of the Alpha testing of The Lab, its cutting-edge platform for Web3 technology and NFT gaming.

Over the course of 24 days, 100 users performed over 14,000 transactions with an average of 37 transactions per metacell and a daily evolution count of 640. The platform’s game-like mechanics showed great appeal, with users spending an average of 13 minutes per session.

Crucially, the platform’s in-built marketplace also demonstrated its significant potential, with 110 metacells listed for sale and 80 purchased –  highlighting the commercial viability of The Lab and the potential for a thriving internal ecosystem within the MAD Metaverse.

“We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our community. While many participants provided crucial suggestions for improvements to the user interface and game play, no major bugs were detected. The MAD Metaverse team is now working to address the minor issues and implement user interface improvements in preparation for the official launch on the Mainnet,” says Zalo Correia, CEO of MAD Metaverse.

The favorable Alpha testing result position MAD Metaverse for long-term success, with a strong foundation in user engagement and commercial viability. As the company looks to close out its seed round, Mad Metaverse is proud to announce a major development in their exciting journey in web3. The first product to launch, The Lab, has completed its first round of alpha testing which has returned some powerful results.


The MAD Metaverse is a multifaceted p2e game with a myriad of innovative, incentive based gameplay mechanics promising to enhance gaming experience and usher in the new era of gaming 3.0. The ecosystem’s infrastructure includes a native digital asset marketplace, player and admin back and front end, visual assets, audio assets, airdrop facility, ERC-20 token platform, NFT converting solution and a novel new NFT merge and evolve facility. These components serve as the foundation for a brand new gaming experience the world has never seen.

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Organization: MAD Metaverse

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Country: Singapore

Release Id: 1502232481

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