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United Kingdom, 23rd Sep 2022, King NewsWire, “Crypto marketing without a great website and strategy can be dangerous. Having a blockchain solution that solves a real problem and having the offer that presents it in the right way can save you money while increasing your chances of becoming mainstream.”
– Polar, Bestselling author and renowned Crypto Marketing Consultant

The bestselling author and marketing consultant Polar is the visionary behind it all, or as he says – “the bear on top” at Mainstream Cryptos. Formally, he is the CEO and team lead. With a reputation for transparency and trustworthiness, he’s also well known for his sense of humor – in spite of the fact that English isn’t his first language.

Polar has a long history in the business world. He was just 17 years old when he started his first online business more than a decade ago. In the years since he has created hundreds of websites and founded numerous successful companies across industries. “I also failed a good amount of times,” he says – and it was those failures – along with his many successes combined with his long history and expertise in marketing and website design that gave him the unique insights and valuable perspectives that he is able to bring to clients and their projects today.

In recent years, Polar has been focusing his attention on all aspects of the crypto world – marketing, website transformation, and investing. His expertise led him to co-found one fascinating crypto project, and he has also been CMO on another project and a marketing consultant on a few others.

Helping crypto projects by leveraging his experience as a marketer, website reshaper, and co-founder has become his passion – and listening to him is a true education.

“As a cryptocurrency entrepreneur, there are many problems that you need to solve,” he explains. “But three of the most important among them are – your offer plus its presentation and attracting potential investors to your website. If you fail to explain your proposition in an understandable and exciting way and also grab the attention of your visitors, the chances of failure are very high.”

Polar points out how important it is that crypto entrepreneurs “decide upon the right marketing strategy to invite people to check your concept. There are dozens of ways to do that, but there are also dozens of ways to lose your money by spending your budget incorrectly or just by being scammed.”

Those who work with Polar and Mainstream Cryptos have an ethical and experienced guide to help them navigate through the sometimes rocky blockchain waters. It is undeniable that Polar brings prestige to any project – demand for his work is high (he is almost fully booked with work, and is known to be extremely picky about whom he works with). However, he loves talking about crypto and is still open to working on exciting new ideas, so he actively encourages founders to book a call.

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