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When individuals combine their knowledge, talents, and views, teams thrive. Colleagues pool their resources to attain greater results. Of course, team shortcomings may impact operations, which is why the team development process is so important.

The act of educating individuals to collaborate and work as a unit is known as team building. The word “team building” is frequently associated with complex games and activities designed to enhance collaboration and coordination among team members. While they are team-building activities, the term incorporates a wide range of strategies and tactics. Simple gestures such as employees conversing over coffee, sharing a snack, or congratulating each other on successes are examples of the process. 

Team building fosters a sense of psychological safety that allows employees to focus on duties, perform well, and strive for personal progress. Team building is vital because it encourages relationships and fosters trust among employees. 

Employees who believe in their coworkers and identify as valuable team members feel obliged to contribute at a high level, and they want their teammates to behave similarly. These individuals are less prone to grow disillusioned or disengaged. 

When discussing team building and its importance, Nunn Media certainly comes under discussion. Nunn Media’s management has focused on being a people’s agency that creates a comfortable working environment for its employees, building teams and working together to reach their goals. 

Matthew Nunn, the founder of Nunn Media, enjoys building and leading great teams as a coach and as a leader of 170 people. On his podcast “Building Teams,” he has honest, open talks with CEOs and professional sportsmen about how to build effective teams. People like Dr. Mandy Ruddock, Paul Taylor, Andrew Mackie, John Ball, Brendan Joyce, and Nick Lavidge have appeared on his podcast. 

Matthew Nunn was born in Ballarat, Victoria. He studied physical education at the University of Ballarat from 1992 to 1996. He began his career at Win Television Ballarat before going on to CH 9 in Melbourne. 

Prior to founding Nunn Media in 2002, he worked at Carlon Media. Nunn’s passion has allowed him to expand his company from two workers to Australia’s most famous media business employing over 170 workers. With extensive media expertise, he knows the internal and external elements that influence business performance. His outgoing demeanor, perseverance, and never-say-die loyalty drive his collaborative approach to media solutions. 

Matt is a basketball lover who played before becoming a coach and has a college degree in Physical Education. Matt is in his comfort zone with his basketball teammates. Matt was also named head coach of the Victorian U20 men’s side.

He has a demonstrated history of success working in the media and advertising sectors and building companies from the ground up. He is an accomplished managing director. Capable in terms of digital media, marketing, and media purchasing.

Foundation of the Nunn Media:

Nunn Media, his independent media company, was a small start-up when he founded it in 2002, about four years after getting into advertising. He now employs over 170 people throughout Sydney and Melbourne, twenty years after founding Nunn Media. With annual billings of over $400 million, it is the largest independent agency in the country.

Matt began his profession by selling television commercials. He is now working on expanding Nunn Media’s digital presence in the United States and plans to boost client billings to $500 million by 2023. 

Providing clients with a result-driven path:

Matt’s idea of providing clients with a results-driven path is the reason for where he stands today. Nunn offers complete media strategy, planning, and buying for some of Australia’s most well-known businesses. Nunn Media has worked with a variety of clients, including Peloton, Bendigo Bank, JB HiFi, Amart, Haval Motors, 13CABS, Godfreys, Amcal, and Smile Direct Club. Nunn Media also became a big shareholder in Global Local Planet, a global independent media agency network, in 2018, with Matt obtaining a seat on the board.

How Nunn Creates a pleasant working environment for his employees:

As a leader and a coach, Matthew Nunn relies upon building teams and building a productive team of employees, so he knows where to hit the ball. From only two employees to expanding his media agency to one of Australia’s most prominent agencies, Nunn leads to the fact that with a great team of employees, a business can flourish beyond thought. Nunn’s objective is to establish a corporation that produces excellent results for its clients and maintains the company’s family values. Nunn Media’s management has focused on establishing a people’s agency that offers its employees a good working environment. Employees receive complimentary meals, gym memberships, an internal training academy, and management mentorship programs.

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