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Meet Andrea Graziani Best Travel Content Creator , Influencer and DJ

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Andrea Graziani, photographer and influencer specializing in the creation of advertising campaigns, explains that, to enhance the products of a brand, it is essential that the photographer knows the mechanisms of marketing: “The aesthetic taste of the professional must be instrumental to the sale of the product”.

Italy, 25th Sep 2022, King NewsWire, It will have happened to everyone to observe the image of a product on social media, or on billboards, and think they want that product intensely. When this happens, the beauty of the image counts up to a certain point: what makes the difference is the skill of the photographer, capable of capturing the essence of a product or brand, and communicating it through a snapshot.

Andrea Graziani is a photographer, video maker and social media influencer who puts his skills and professionalism at the service of companies, which rely on him to make the most of their products. “When it comes to selling a product, there is no good or bad photo: there is a photo that sells, that works,” explains Graziani. In this case, the professional must not follow his own artistic sense, but must understand how to frame the product to sell it at its best, to highlight its strengths and to communicate it with the means available.

Veronese, class of ’87, Andrea Graziani began his career by chance (and passion) by making photo shoots in the clubs and discos of his city, which led him to be among the top 10 best photographers in Italy candidates for the Dance Music Awards, for three consecutive years. Until, one day, Red Bull asked him to create a service for the brand. From there, he started working for numerous agencies and various companies throughout Italy, so much so that today he is considered a real influencer in the sector, with over 700,000 followers on Instagram ( The photographic technique, therefore, he learned in the field, but he enriched and perfected it by following courses in marketing and communication, the knowledge of which is essential for an advertising photographer.

“I contribute from the beginning to the construction of the photo. Once I understand the customer’s needs and the characteristics of the product, I always propose my vision which has the goal of selling “continues Andrea. The study that is done behind each advertising shot is remarkable, since there are specific criteria capable of attracting the target audience and it is up to the photographer to identify them.

Today, in fact, photographers who deal with communication for companies must know how marketing works and cannot propose a photo according to their personal taste, but according to what attracts potential customers. At the base of an effective communication strategy there is always the image, capable of arousing emotions and remaining etched in the mind of the beholder.

The pandemic, as known, has accelerated the digital transformation of businesses, and has consecrated social media as the primary means of communication. All companies have had the need to sell online and communicate via social media, the use of which has grown exponentially. It is therefore essential that the company relies on a professional photographer who knows marketing, who is credible, visible and who is himself a communicator: an added value to create a winning advertising campaign.

Andrea is also a DJ, you can find him on Youtube Music, Spotify and in Instagram Music! 

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