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Meet luke elion – An 18 year old record label owner

“When we can’t dream any longer we die.” – Emma Goldman

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 10th Jun 2022, King NewsWire, Born into a small agricultural town in India, luke dared to dream more than the town has to offer. Luke is a current CEO of kriphin records, he has also a computer programmer and graphic designer. It all started in one late afternoon during summer of 2017, during a conversation with his struggling musician friend, sam. Luke was surprised to know how exploiting the music industry is, and how unbelievably hard it is for musicians to bring a penny without a record deal, and how hard it is to have creative freedom with one. The despair in his friends’s eyes inspired luke to begin his own record label in order to make an impact In the regional music industry scene, what started as a friends-helping-friends project soon became more than he imagined.

Kriphin records is a brainchild of luke elion, kripin records began as an independent music label, giving artists full creative freedom over their projects and supporting their art financially. Now kriphin records hosts tens of artists hailing from all around the globe, and it currently counts 100k monthly streams on many major music platforms. As of now, kriphin records employees 6 staff members. Luke elion oversees the ongoing of the label as the CEO, while working on side projects as a programmer and graphic designer with his very close friend ayden, ayden is a creative director and manager of the music studio “dreamhaze studios” where tons of well known regional artists have recorded their albums. After gaining some popularity within the record label scene, in the late spring of 2019s, kriphin records entered a major distribution deal with moon candy records. With the moon candy’s support, kriphin records became financially stable and started focusing more on the creative outlet of their roosters, instead of worrying about keeping the lights on.

As of 2022, luke elion has signed 10 artists within his record label, music distribution deal with almost 50 musicians from all around the globe while having a wide audience and empowering artists through giving them full creative freedom. We can’t say what future luke elion holds, but we sure know this 18-year-old is a dreamer who dared to dream

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