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Meta-XS-City establishes itself with multiple crypto benefits in the industry

META XS is one of the first companies to launch a futuristic virtual city where people can purchase products and goods, hang out and have fun, meet people and be part of a new world of opportunities.

Ukraine, 17th May 2022, King NewsWire, The Meta-XS—Metropolis of Dreams is a blockchain-based metaverse city that strictly implements and adheres to all metaverse world rules and criteria. The virtual city, The Meta-XS—City of Dreams, will enable people to take their real-life activities to a city with more freedom and is built on safe and secure blockchain technology. 

Furthermore, the Meta-XS—City of Dreams will run its Token, which will help its participants engage in trading and business activities smoothly like in the real world. On top of that, token holders will enjoy many other exciting benefits, such as mining extra coins and engaging in other Defi activities.

All trading in the city will rely only on the META XS currency, and the currency becomes incredibly significant as a ticket to the city. META XS is no longer just a cryptocurrency; it is part of a broad trading platform. Intending users who wants to “hop in” before everyone else to Meta-XS will pay about $ 1,000 for early entry, as 6,500 early entry tickets have already been sold.

The process begins by building a futuristic virtual city. Virtual people in the virtual city will be able to do everything the metaverse provides, including buy and sell virtual assets, shop virtually, play games, visit movie theatres, participate in gambling and sports betting, and much more; everything is possible in our metaverse city. Every activity in their metaverse city will be connected to the actual company providing the services. 

Their metaverse city will be built on blockchain technology to harness its various benefits; it is fast, safe, cheaper, and secure. Also, with blockchain technology, cryptocurrency will be easily usable. Since it is a virtual city, conventional currencies (FIAT) will not be able to operate. Every asset owner on The Meta-XS—City of Dreams metaverse city will have the same asset built for them in the real-world city, and operations of the two will be  syncronized. The Meta-XS ecosystem is a metaverse comprising games, decentralized applications, NFTs, and other crypto assets, built with the time-tested, open-source Unreal Engine. 

The advantages of Meta-XS – Cit of Dreams are as follows:

  1. It is an open economy
  2. A contemporary Internet
  3. Open Marketplace
  4. Futuristic Concept

The founders invite the crypto enthusiast and potential users of Meta XS to invest in the future with a currency that is the entrance ticket to an amazing and innovative world of experience and profit. Join a strong community of affiliates that turns a brand into a success story. The currency is traded on the Pancake swap crypto exchange.

Intending investors should visit the official website: for further information about Token and other features. 

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