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Move2Earn APY releases a fair launch on PinkSale on May 27th at 16:00 UTC.

MOVEAPY offers PlaytoEarn Games and MovetoEarn games, and Dex Wallet. Up to 10% BNB Cashback for Fair launch Participants who filled the First 1BNB to 100BNB & 5% BNB Cashback For 101 to 500 BNB.

Sinha, Singapore, 26th May 2022, King NewsWire, Move2Earn APY is yet another game-changer in decentralized finance with its new-to-the-market Auto compounding protocol to deliver the highest sustainable APY possible. Crypto assets aren’t meant for keeping them idle in the wallets. Instead, they have a vast potential to earn their user’s good returns while they sleep on choosing the proper DeFi protocol. 

People can experience the power of compounding through Move2Earn APY compounding Dapp, which delivers the industry’s highest fixed APY. In addition to the compounding DeFi protocol, Move2Earn APY offers much more, including but not limited to Rebasing tokens, Move to Earn games, Play to Earn, and DEX wallet. The idea is to disrupt the traditional financial ecosystems with a stream of innovative products and technologies.

With the crypto money world becoming popular day by day, many different forms of a token, NFT, or other metaverse projects are emerging. At the same time, some experienced a rapid rise, and some lost value rapidly from the first time they were released. Move2Earn APY is a great project that has emerged as the best Move2Earn and Auto-Staking protocol in this context. Move2Earn APY offers many different privileges to its users every day. However, it makes it possible for users to earn in other ways, such as Move2Earn and Auto-Staking Protocol.

The MOVEAPY token is based on a positive rebasing mechanism to encounter price volatility. Its elastic supply will beat the fluctuations in the price of the MOVEAPY token through events called rebases. When a Move2Earn occurs, the collection of the token is increased algorithmically, based on the current supply of the token.

Liquidity management Liquidity can be thought of as a large pool of money split into half between MOVEAPY and $BNB tokens. A conversion ratio is set to the amount of MOVEAPY that can be obtained through BNB.

MOVEAPY Token Mechanism & Rewards Distribution: To support its price and Move2Earn rewards, employs a complex set of factors. It includes the MOVEAPY Trust Fund (TF), which acts as an insurance fund to ensure the MOVEAPY Protocol’s price stability and long-term viability by maintaining a consistent rate of Move2EarnAPY paid to all MOVEAPY token holders every 3 sec.

Move2EarnAPY Tokenomics:

  • Contract Address:
  • Intial Supply — 1,00,000 MOVEAPY
  • Airdrop — 5% (5,000)
  • Ecosystem — 15% (15,000)
  • Private Sale — 10% (10,000)
  • Pink Sale — 40% (40,000)
  • Liquidity — 21% (21,000)
  • Marketing And Development — 9% (9,000)

13% Buy fee & 15% Sell fee go directly to Treasury, providing Play-To-Earn and Move-To-Earn rewards. It is Audited, and KYC is done by Solid proof.

If users want to know how their exclusive Auto-Compounding Dapp works, visit the following link Visit the following links for further information:





Pinksale Fairlaunch:

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