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Netplay.App Launches New Video-Sharing And Microblogging Platform For Content Creators And Movie Producers Globally

United States, 13th Jun 2022, King NewsWire, Netplay.App is a subscription social media platform—a video sharing and microblogging platform that provides a solid foundation for social networking and content creation for both creators and their fans. 

Since 2004, social media has been growing exponentially, and it hasn’t reached the peak of its popularity yet. There’s no denying that social media platforms are now a significant source of news and information. But that’s not all. Social media platforms like Netplay.App are unique in how they interact with customers. Not only do they provide a platform for users to communicate beyond local and social boundaries, but they also offer countless possibilities to share user-generated content, like photos and videos.

Netplay.App is breaking down barriers in the subscription social media industry by making content more accessible, reliable, and fun for both creators and fans. The platform is available in multiple languages and replete with exciting features such as live streaming, live news feed, and instant loading speed. It’s a platform with a central idea to connect its users to the world.

However, Netplay. App’s significance and importance exceed connecting people. The platform also serves as a potential cash cow for its content creators. Available statistics suggest that American Internet creators earned a baseline of $6.8 billion on social media in 2017, while nearly 17 million Americans earned income posting their creations online. These figures are projected to further grow and surpass 50 billion U.S. dollars by 2023. Netplay.App is poised to be a leader in this category by allowing content creators to earn over $5,000 through subscriptions from users. This they’ve done by diverting both ardent and potential followers into the creators’ exclusive content in exchange for monthly or yearly fees.

To make money on Netplay.App content creators/movie producers must sign in as “Model” and not as “Fan.” This is because fans are the subscribers that pay to watch Models’ content. Content creators on Netplay.App can effectively utilize the platform’s global reach for global viewing of their content. Creators are guaranteed to:

  • Upload movies and make earnings from subscribers instantly.
  • Access to millions of fans worldwide. 
  • Stream live to fans and followers worldwide.
  • 7 to 9 business days payouts to  content creators
  • Make money on skits.
  • Broadcast your TV programmes 
  • Watch stage & live performances with subscription
  • Create your Netplay Channel Chat with friends and fans 
  • Load your premium video and film content on NetPlay.App
  • Movies and film producers can post up to 20,000GB of content in 4k or HD quality and up to 2hrs recording time. 

With the proliferation of indecency online, Netplay.App has chosen to tow the path of morality by excluding fully X-rated content on its platform. Netplay.App’s web application is currently ready and working globally except in Nigeria for now. The platform assures its users from the west African country it will work later in the nearest future when they can satisfy the country’s government requirements. 

Speaking on how to navigate the platform, an executive of the platform said: “Models or content creators must add account information to post content on the site. We believe in fairness and equity; hence commission is 80% to content creators and 20% to Netplay. Automated Payment processing takes between 9 to 15 business days to show up in the content creator’s account.”

Netplay.App recently revealed that the mobile app for the platform would soon be available on AppStore and Playstore before the end of the year, with a live stream option coming soon, too, a strategy that reflects both the evolution of the platform and its vision for the future.

Netplay.App is a customer-centric platform with customer satisfaction at the epicenter of its services. The platform’s values are enshrined in accuracy, performance, honesty, and integrity. Additionally, the platform is replete with friendly, well-trained, dedicated personnel ready to rectify or escalate any matter in minutes. 

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