Ngan Nguyen – a prominent Boston strategist is supporting people with a game-changing program.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States, 16th Jun 2022, Entrepreneur and Strategist Ngan Nguyen is delighted to announce the expansion of the exclusive Vision for Mastery Entrepreneurship and Leadership Accelerator. The ground-breaking program provides participants with a comprehensive, privately guided curriculum to aid them in mastering the essential principles required to develop any vision or dream desired. The course delivers positive, profound, and long-term transformation to achieve impact and mastery in the areas that are most important to the individual, all while encouraging participants to “Be more. Do more. Have more.” 

The Vision for Mastery Entrepreneurship and Leadership Accelerator is another result of multi-talented entrepreneur Ngan Nguyen’s indomitable business drive. With a trio of successful organizations that include the Cintamani Group, a strategy consulting firm is focusing on strategy and organizational transformation; the Vision For Mastery Accelerator, which provides cutting-edge individual development pathways; and the London Chapter of the International Association that fosters global collaboration and conversations to support equity and the professional development of women and communities.

“I am inspired to create a greater impact by bringing people together who have shared values and an aligned mission, providing the tools and vision for positive change,” says Nguyen. “It creates an incubator for growth and talent, enabling us to set big goals and achieve them, surpassing what we thought was impossible. Working in executive coaching and leadership, I can see people’s talents and support them in determining their best path in life and how to move forward. I love getting to know people, their goals, fears, and dreams – what motivates them and gives them inner strength.” 

The Vision for Mastery Entrepreneurship and Leadership Accelerator employs a multi-faceted approach to leadership by utilizing a variety of methods such as strategic planning, a group mastermind, goal definition and setting, harmonizing a vision, and unleashing the power of the mind to let loose unlimited potential and propel the individual to success. Nguyen’s knowledge and expertise are integrated into the program, which is excellent for anyone looking to start a new career, attain greater freedom and abundance, rapidly scale a business, or achieve any other objective of their choosing.

About Vision for Mastery Entrepreneurship and Leadership Accelerator: Ngan H. Nguyen, a strategist, and entrepreneur, created the Vision for Mastery Accelerator. The curriculum provides participants with everything they need to achieve outstanding success in life and business. The exclusive program is a thorough, individually guided curriculum designed to assist participants in grasping the fundamental principles required to realize any goal or dream.

About Ngan H. Nguyen: Ngan H. Nguyen is a dynamic and talented strategist and entrepreneur. Nguyen is the Director of Cintamani Group, a Boston-headquartered organizational development and strategy consulting firm. The firm is known for its unique strength in bridging the gap between public, private, and academic domains, connecting global and public priorities with those of private organizations through sound strategy development and collaboration.

With over a decade of business strategy experience as an advisor to Fortune 100 companies and as an analyst with McKinsey & Company, she now works with business leaders and entrepreneurs to help them bring their highest vision to life. Ngan is a certified intelligent leadership executive coach with John Mattone, an executive coach with MIT Execution Education, and serves as an advisory for private organizations. 

Additionally, Nguyen is certified by the Brave Thinking Institute, the world’s premier transformational coaching school that has been studying the art and science of personal success for the last 50 years. Moreover, she is committed to helping individuals succeed. “If you have faith to invest in yourself and believe I can help you, I’m here for you every step of the way until the life you want becomes a reality.”

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