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Niceone Keypad Produces Membrane Switch, Membrane Panel, Backlighting Solutions and Capacitive Switch

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Niceone Keypad is a factory that produces Membrane switch, Membrane Panel, Backlighting Solutions and Capacitive Switch, new products with customized designs.

Dongguan, China, 23rd Sep 2022, King NewsWire, Niceone Keypad is a factory that manufactures the Membrane switch, Membrane Panel, Backlighting Solutions and Capacitive SwitchThe factory has launched new products with customized designs in the latest development.

The Niceone-Keypad-Customized Design Factory has been established for three years as a subsidiary of Nicke-tech. The factory has started customizing and producing Membrane Switches, Silicone rubber Keypads, Injection Plastic, and Graphic Overlay with world-class equipment, materials, and personnel.

Their newly customized products are as follows:

1. Membrane Panel: Their membrane panel consists of different layers of polyester printed and assembled. It lets users create a custom human-machine interface at a reasonable price. The membrane panel by Niceone Keypad offers:

  • Inexpensive control system
  • Reduced space requirement
  • Customizable Graphic Design

2. Backlighting Solution: The product brings its Light Source where Resin Dome design can be selected. People can choose Silicone Rubber Keypad as an Overlay material, and different colors of LEDs can be chosen to light up the illuminated area.

3. Capacitive Switch: It is a thermal switch and an electronic capacitor. Niceone Keypad provides an optional Backlight Solution with Capacitive Switch. Users can choose the following features:

  • A Thicker Panel
  • No Metal Dome Design
  • Polyester, Polycarbonate, Glass, PVC, Plastic as Covering Materials

4. Membrane Switch: It is a kind of HMI. The thickness is controlled between 0.5-1.2mm of Niceone Keypad’s Membrane Switch. It has prominent color matching, and the design can function as the operating system on many electronic controllers, medical accessories, and agricultural products.

Furthermore, the company focuses on Performance and Production; their accurate automated machines, equipped with servo motors and intelligent systems, help people enhance productivity. It also emphasizes Customization Solutions; the Niceone Keypad provides optional materials and equipment to manufacture personal injection molding machines or others according to their ideas and needs.

About Niceone Keypad

The Niceone-Keypad team provides customer’s product application direction and budget expenditure and gives the customer a suitable product draft design. To facilitate the understanding of customers, Niceone-Keypad has made a documentary on the influence of materials and design choices on the product.

Potential clients must visit the official website for further information.

Media Contact

Organization: Niceone-keypad

Contact Person: Peter Ren



Address 1: No.88 Industrial Park, Tonggu 1st Street, Dalang Town, Dongguan City GuangDong

City: Dongguan

Country: China

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