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OJA Coin – Unlocking the market’s potential with the new blockchain-powered customer loyalty platform revolution

OJA Coin ($OJX) is a next-generation platform for customer loyalty rewards that solves inefficiencies in today’s loyalty programs by utilising its high­ speed, cost-friendly and sustainable blockchain. Looking to get in on the ground floor of the next big cryptocurrency project? OJA Coin project has to be the hottest and an excellent place to start.


London, United Kingdom, 24th May 2022, King NewsWire, Acknowledging the gap between today’s tech-savvy customers and the lagging loyalty program industry that does not keep up with the race in the digital age, OJA Blockchain as Platform Loyalty Solution emerges as the ideal solution to revive the ailing Loyalty program industry with the strengths of blockchain technology.

As blockchain brings about disruptive and revolutionary shifts in how information is recorded and accessible, the decentralised paradigm for managing data removes the need for a trusted central management authority. Hence, the OJA Loyalty platform exploits multiple benefits of blockchain technology and facilitates the distribution of loyalty points via the OJA Coin ($OJX).

The experts behind OJA Coin have acquired over ten years of experience working in the e-commerce development and technology industries. Riman, Managing Director of OJA Coin, declares that “This innovation will significantly impact society and industry. It will also change the way merchants and customers give value to each other and make mutual benefits in every transaction through blockchain technology, in a manner that blends with the entire society. We call it a new definition of decentralisation.”

Uncovering the Solutions Provided by OJA Coin

Brands spend marketing funds inefficiently on agencies and advertisements and then charge their consumers more to compensate for the cost. Customers are consistently compelled to spend more and get less value from their purchases. The end result is a forgotten brand and another customer lost. Nonetheless, every transaction should provide more value for both sides

OJA Coin provides unprecedented means for the brands, as well as for the customers, to unlock beneficial value from each transaction.

Customers are always happy to get complimentary discounts, coupons, and freebies; this unquestionably boosts their faith in the product or brand and their overall level of happiness with it. Therefore, it is quite likely that more people will engage with brands that complement and reward their customers.

According to the results of the Q1 2022 Global Loyalty Programs Survey, the market for loyalty programs is anticipated to expand by 12.6% on an annual basis. During the period 2017-2021, the global market for loyalty programs had a CAGR of 11.8 % in terms of value. It is ultimately expected to grow to USD 15.5 billion by 2025.

OJA Coin offers a breakthrough platform for customer loyalty incentives that allows the brands to evaluate the data of consumers who redeem vouchers or earned $OJX coins.

OJA’s Ambitious Goals

OJA Coin has built a cutting-edge system that streamlines the process of realising blockchain’s full potential so that anybody may do it with relative ease. Their technology offers sustainable algorithms and world-class security for the highest level of protection.

Moving forward, OJA is guided by three paramount goals, high-speed, security and low-cost transaction fee. These features will enable brands to scale the transaction, increase the number of customers, trust, and visibility, while also allowing the customer to acquire additional benefits and value by leveraging the blockchain technology’s efficiency and transparency.

Discover OJA’s Blockchain Quality Ecosystem

Leveraging the latest blockchain technological innovation, OJA Coin has a Main Chain as well as a Smart Chain, facilitating high-speed transactions within seconds with almost zero transaction fees, which are approximately 0.0001 OJX or about USD 0,000025 per transaction.

Within an average time of 45 seconds, the OJX transactions are verified and confirmed, so members of the network will no longer  have to wait an excessive amount of time for their payment to be processed, as is customary with other cryptocurrencies.

The main chain of OJA Coin is based on a hybrid consensus, merging Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS). In addition, the OJA Coin blockchain offers 17x security protections while also being power-efficient and environmentally friendly owing to the ASIC-resistance algorithm. It also fosters fairness for the community by allowing everyone to participate in mining without requiring an ASIC-specific computer.

Moreover, OJA Coin has also been developing the concept of multi-chain from its very early stage, which many experts predict will be the future of blockchain. The idea is that users will be able to move their assets across different blockchains with a very low gas fee. Besides the main chain, the OJA Smart Chain (OJX20) is available to enable smart contracts, dApps for custom brand loyalty rewards tokenization, additional payment solutions, and NFT’s collection for brands willing to scale up their business to the next level.

Engage with OJA Community

Consisting of 28 regional Telegram groups spread across all corners of the world with more than 50,000 coin holders, OJA Coin is believed to be one of the fastest-growing crypto projects among other projects in the industry nowadays.

As part of the listing and investment strategy plan, the team convinced the holders to stake their coins during the staking program. 70% of the circulating supply or about 85 million OJX is at stake by its holders. This allows the team to realise the proposed roadmap and make the coin scarce and more valuable in the market.

Moreover, OJA Coin acknowledges the contributions of its members and rewards them by maintaining a consistent schedule of giveaways and airdrops for the community.

Be a part of the Blockchain Revolution with OJA!

Ultimately, OJA Coin constitutes the End-to-end solution for loyalty platforms through blockchain technologies. OJA’s loyalty platform eliminates inefficiencies in modern loyalty programs by employing its high-speed, low-cost blockchain that specialises in accelerating transactions with nearly no transaction costs.

This intriguing and very lucrative crypto initiative is not to be ignored, as it offers the optimal means that undoubtedly will generate a significant impact on society and industry.

OJA Coin will be launched and available very soon at selected and exclusive exchanges starting in June 2022. Nevertheless, it is possible to buy the pre-launched OJA Coin on the OJA web wallet for the lowest price or earn a free sample of OJA Coin (OJX) as a welcome reward by signing up at their web wallet.

Learn more about OJA Coin and start investing by accessing the initiative’s various digital channels.

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