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Pangolinu is the currency that allows users to create, breed, care for, and battle the user Pangolinu pets.

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Canada, 4th Nov 2022, Pangolinu is the currency, launching the pre-sale of Pangolinu tokens in November 2022. The Pangolinu is the currency at the focal point of the Pango that allows the users to make, breed, care for, and fighting of Pangolinu pets. It is a deflationary cryptocurrency that helps users battle to ascend the leaderboard by gaining Pangopoints. At the end of the month, Pangopoints enables the users to claim their rewards from month to month Pangopool. 

Pangolinu (PANGO) is the entryway token of the Pangoverse, which provides the options to mint, breed, and battling of Pangolinu pets in the metaverse. It gives the ability to their users to raise, train and fight Pangolinu NFTs to leaderboard each and every month. Over time the Play to Earn will incorporate expanded reality encounters, allowing the NFT to play with its companions in the Pangoverse. 

The company is auditing user code early in the advancement lifecycle forestails potentially catastrophic vulnerabilities after send-off. The analysts examine both automatic tests and manual code investigations. The contract code is completely audited by SafuAudited and 100% secure. 

Pangolinu works with the help of KYC. It is the fundamental method by which the company makes the crypto space more secure. Along with that, this gives the complete confirmation of the identity of project teams. The company’s team was fully verified by the Coinmooner to give a guarantee against anti-rug and complete task security.

Pangolinu utilizes the latest NFT and token standards, which helps to bring a token that injects life into the Pangolinu pets. The company provides opportunities by working hard to make sure the users that the Pangolinu is just like a member of their family. 

About Pangolinu

Pangolinu is the currency at the center point of the Pango that enables the users to create, raise and fight their Pangolinu pets. The company worked with a cutting-edge advancement team and ensured the clients that Pangolinu is not an empty promises company. By the time, this token will become the world’s greatest meme coin.

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