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Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 30th Aug 2022, King NewsWire, Popular information website has now started treating its visitors to a wider range of information which includes travel, entertainment and everything else that is trending. If you want first-hand information about anything that is travel and entertainment related or anything which is causing ripples and making it to the news, then is the place where you will find it all.

Something which started as a small initiative to provide valuable information about the vibrant city of Pune has now diversified to include a lot more things which may be helpful for people looking to make a trip or some light leisure reading. The website was a small start-up by a group of youngsters who aimed at providing essential information to anyone who was new to the city of Pune. Whether it was a family moving to the new city or a student who came to Pune for studies, helped several people to understand the ways of Pune City and eventually become one of its many people. Their content enabled several people find help at the right places and continues to provide new information that might be useful in the time of need. Over the years, these features helped the website to become one of the most top rated websites when it came to niche information regarding a metro city.

And now, with all the love pouring in from its visitors, is ready to diversify and accommodate more topics under its wings. Global Travel has always been something that a lot of people have written about, but it is an arena that still remains largely unexplored. With the goal of providing more information related to travelling and exploring, the writers at have started putting together articles that will make you travels a breeze. If you are looking for any ideas or solutions related to travelling then it’s very likely that you’ll find what you need at 

Another subject that one cannot get tired of is entertainment. The realms of entertainment are not just boundless but also something that keeps increasing every day. The world is filled with different kinds of people who have different tastes when it comes to entertainment. One of the main aims of is to reach out to people all across the world and attempt to satiate their need for entertainment. Therefore, they have started putting up content related to sports, cinema, leisure and lifestyle too. has completely revamped its look and hopes to help and entertain a larger audience with their endeavours and more important travel places. Do give this site a visit and enlighten yourselves with their content which is both interesting and useful.

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Punefirst has been serving as a local directory for 9 years. Now it is diversifying for more global coverage with further categories like global travel, entertainment and much more.

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