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Quality and Traceability “Made in Italy”: the advantages of GARLIVE supplements by MAGISNAT, an innovative spin-off in Atlanta

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United States, 8th Sep 2022, King NewsWire, A feature of modern life today is haste and long working hours, and an increasing number of people take supplements.

Since there is little time to choose the ingredients to cook healthy meals, many people opt for simple foods that are quickly prepared. As a consequence, diets often lack many nutrients. Supplements are becoming an important way to make up for deficiencies. 

Although no supplement can be a substitute for a varied and balanced diet, the spin-off MAGISNAT, recently made its debut on the American market with its brand GARLIVE. The purpose of these products is to provide high levels of olive polyphenols and vitamins typical of plants of the Mediterranean diet.

How do GARLIVE products differ from other supplements?

The difference lies in the quality and traceability of elements of the Mediterranean diet, made in Italy. The innovative spin-off MAGISNAT was founded by Dr. Matteo Bertelli who is passionate about the Mediterranean diet and committed to research on its plant ingredients. The safety of MAGISNAT products is of fundamental importance. The objective is health, and how can this be achieved if not through supplements of the highest quality? To achieve this objective, all materials are analysed and reports written by eminent US scientists and professional figures.

In the words of Dr. Bertelli: “The traceability of our products, their quality and their efficacy must all be demonstrated and confirmed by scientists. Customer safety is essential for us. People’s health is my priority and the mission of MAGISNAT.”

GARLIVE Recovery ( and GARLIVE Oral Spray ( are both analysed for the quality and safety of their ingredients and primary materials. Sampling was done by a well-known dietary consultant and the results were confirmed by an American lawyer.

Besides analysis of the products, single batches are also checked for errors and variations.

At MAGISNAT we leave nothing to chance, including communication: the terms used for the various claims were verified by a US lawyer (

The following supplements can be purchased from Amazon:

Garlive Recovery

Garlive Oral Spray

So far GARLIVE Made in Italy has not disappointed health conscious Americans. The consumers interviewed have expressed high levels of satisfaction.

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