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Rajesh Iyengar, CEO of Lincode Unveils Strategic Roadmap to Revolutionize Manufacturing Quality Control

Founded by serial entrepreneur Rajesh Iyengar, Lincode recently unveiled a strategic roadmap and its mission to transform manufacturing quality control using the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning. With over 25 years of experience spearheading successful tech startups and exits, Rajesh identified a huge unmet need facing manufacturers today – the inability to reliably detect defects in industrial production.

Armed with intimate knowledge of the AI space and driven by his passion for solving complex technological challenges, Rajesh laid out a strategic roadmap and embarked on building Lincode – an automated visual inspection platform powered by deep learning algorithms.



“I’ve always approached things from the perspective of deeply understanding the customer’s problems first,” shares Rajesh. “After speaking to over 300 manufacturing executives and heads of quality control, it became apparent that up to 86% were struggling with efficient quality inspection systems.”

Manual inspection methods severely limit throughput volumes. They’re excessively time-consuming, inconsistent, and heavily reliant on skilled labor. Existing automated options using rule-based machine vision technology or pixel-by-pixel comparisons also fall short, plagued by inaccuracies and high false positive rates.


Lincode Operates Where Other Systems Fail

As an industry pioneer leveraging versatile neural networks, Lincode can rapidly learn to detect defects regardless of part variation across complex industrial product lines. Its versatile AI models outperform traditional systems by 10x – slashing false call rates to less than 4 in 1 million parts inspected.

Rajesh highlights, “Our proprietary deep learning architecture is designed from the ground up to operate where other computer vision approaches fail – products with shiny, reflective properties, heavy sludge or oil coatings, and bright studio lighting that overwhelms sensors. We can train AI agents to ignore these noise factors and focus on real production defects.”


Quick Setup and Integration With Legacy Systems

Lincode offers immense device flexibility, compatible with off-the-shelf cameras, mobile devices, borescopes, and more specialized imaging equipment. Its growing inspection model library covers an array of common manufacturing processes like casting, stamping, grinding, and machining.

The startup’s strengths also lie in rapid integration with legacy factory hardware and software via API connections. “We can get manufacturers up and running with trained, deployment-ready AI in under 30 days,” adds Rajesh.


Global Momentum for Democratized AI Inspections

With recent expansions into Europe, Lincode’s solutions are now empowering quality control teams in over 14 countries across aviation leaders like Boeing, automotive titans in Germany, and large-scale producers in India.

As Lincode continues penetrating international markets, Rajesh hopes to spearhead innovation and nurture the next generation of AI talent globally. “My dream is for Lincode to become the number one intelligent visual inspection brand, enabling firms big and small to leverage AI and gain a competitive edge.”

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