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Rama Coin Launches the Decentralized App with Exclusive Crypto Features

Rama Coin has recently launched the decentralized App where its holders can use the utility token for multiple blockchain projects. RAMA Token will be issued as RAMA-20 standard-compliant digital tokens (PoW) Layer 1 blockchain.

Noida, India, 9th Jul 2022 – Rama Coin is a secure and scalable crypto token that can be used for multiple blockchain projects. The RAMA Coin is used to pay transaction fees for prospective dApps and for staking to secure the network. RAMA Coin is intended to be a utility token that serves as a means of payment and settlement amongst members. Rama Coin provides a scalable solution with a transaction capacity of 70,000 TPS in a single sidechain. It has developed its own Layer 1 (PoW) and Layer 2 (PoS) solutions to ensure quicker transaction times and reduced transaction fees in the future.

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The native digital cryptographically secured utility RAMA Token is a significant component and is designed to be adopted for use as the primary token on the blockchain network. RAMA Token will be issued as RAMA-20 standard-compliant digital tokens (PoW) Layer 1 blockchain. RAMA Token is designed to be a utility token that functions as the unit of payment and settlement between participants.

Furthermore, ownership of RAMA Token carries no rights, express or implied. RAMA Tokens are expected to provide economic incentives to encourage participants to contribute and maintain the ecosystem. Computational resources are required for performing various functions such as validating blocks and publishing proofs; providers of these services/resources would be rewarded with RAMA tokens for providing these resources to maintain network integrity.

RAMA Token will be used as the unit of exchange to quantify and pay the costs of the consumed computational resources. RAMA Token is an integral and indispensable part because, without the RAMA Token, there would be no incentive for users to expend resources to participate in activities or provide services to benefit the entire ecosystem. Only users who have contributed to network maintenance would receive token incentives. Users and holders of RAMA Token who did not actively participate will not receive any RAMA Token as rewards.

RAMA Token would also be used as a deterrent for punishing stakers for various offenses by requiring them to first put up a stake of RAMA Token before being entitled to participate in the ecosystem. RAMA Token would be deducted if a staker committed an offense. It solves multiple problems at once by providing exclusive crypto services. RAMA – a protocol and a framework for building and connecting EVM-compatible blockchain networks, provides the following features:

  • One-click deployment of preset blockchain networks.
  • It provides a growing set of modules for developing custom networks.
  • Rama Coin offers the interoperability protocol for exchanging arbitrary messages with EVM and other blockchain networks.
  • Modular and optional “security as a service.”
  • Adaptor modules enabling interoperability for existing blockchain networks are available on the platform.

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