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RBTR.INFO develops an arbitrage system with its RBTR Token.

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RBTR.INFO develops an arbitrage trading platform where users can use a native arbitrage engine. Recently it launched its $RBTR Token.

RBTR Token has developed an arbitrage platform where users can use a native arbitrage engine to find and exploit arbitrage opportunities across cryptocurrency platforms. In the latest expansion, it talks about its Arbitrage Robot Token.

All crypto enthusiasts must be aware that market imbalances can be exploited to make risk-free profits. But many implications happen when we are using arbitrage to make money, and if the user is not sophisticated enough, it can result in a loss. Many users are trying to exploit arbitrage opportunities; if the user is not fast enough, he can lose money. Sometimes the price difference is so low that users should have a lot of money to make a meaningful profit; on the other hand, sometimes, the user must handle low liquidity in exchanges. RBTR offers its services to resolve such issues by launching a $RBTR Token.

The arbitrage engine by RBTR will only support the “Exchange arbitrage” method. The two other strategies (“Funding rate arbitrage” and “Triangular arbitrage”) will be available in the following steps. To use their arbitrage engine, users need to have the platform’s native Token, $RBTR.

$RBTR, The platform’s Token

Users need to have $RBTR tokens to use the platform. The “Exchange arbitrage” has two options that users can choose from; A web 2.0 arbitrage that will only exploit the opportunities in centralized exchanges and a web 3.0 option that will only look for imbalances in decentralized exchanges. We can’t say which one can/may be more profitable because of market imbalances. Still, due to high fees for moving assets between centralized exchanges, we can expect less friction in strategies on Web 3.0 platforms.

To get an arbitrage signal and its respective details, users should spend 1 $RBTR, and after that, they will be provided with the arbitrage details. Alternatively, traders can use monthly, quarterly, or lifetime subscription plans and use the platform for free after the subscription.

Moreover, Users can manually exploit these opportunities and buy our trading engine. If the user chooses manual arbitrage, he will be provided with the details and do the arbitrage manually. But if he chooses an automatic arbitrage, the trading engine will take care of everything, and after the arbitrage is done, the user will be provided with the arbitrage results.

In addition to that, users can use the platform to redeem Arbitrage Robot tokens for stable coins (e.g., USDT, USDC, etc.). The users can use the stablecoins in their accounts to initiate arbitrage with lower fees.

For further information on the exclusive Arbitrage Robot Token known as $RBTR, determine arbitrage traders must visit the following links:

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