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RBTR introduces the new arbitrage trading facility in the crypto industry.

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RBTR develops an arbitrage platform where users can use a native arbitrage engine to find and exploit arbitrage opportunities across cryptocurrency platforms.

Boulder, Colorado, United States, 16th Aug 2022 – RBTR is a newly developed arbitrage platform that guides and assists emerging crypto enthusiasts in arbitrage trading. Their recently launched Arbitrage trading technology enables traders to buy and sell the same assets in different markets at the same time to profit from tiny differences in the asset’s listed price. 

RBTR has created a platform for users to use the arbitrage process and profit from it. Arbitrage trading exploits short-lived variations in the price of identical or similar financial instruments in different markets or various forms.

As the cryptocurrency market expands, more people are involved in exchanging assets in different markets. Every one of them has its trading ways. These differences cause inefficiencies in the markets. Smart people can use these inefficiencies to profit for themselves and improve markets. Therefore, to generate a considerable amount of revenue and have a passive income, RBTR has strategized new arbitrage trading techniques on its platform. 

Unfortunately, due to the complex nature of arbitrage and high competition in this arena, using this method to make profits is only suitable for people with the necessary tools and deep pockets, like hedge funds and trading firms. Hence, RBTR is here to help people who are in search of the right arbitrage trading system.

RBTR uses different types of arbitrage strategies that can be used in various markets. As mentioned earlier, market imbalances can be exploited to make risk-free profits. But many implications happen when traders are using arbitrage to make money, and if the user is not sophisticated enough, it can result in a loss. RBTR promises its clients to combat such problems.

Many users are trying to exploit arbitrage opportunities; if the user is not fast enough, he can lose money. Sometimes the price difference is so low that users should have a lot of money to make a meaningful profit; on the other hand, sometimes, the user must handle low liquidity in exchanges. RBTR consciously picks its traders and guides as per the requirements. 

To lower the risks, users should use computer applications to do the arbitrage for them. Therefore, RBTR has developed an arbitrage platform where users can use a native arbitrage engine to find and exploit arbitrage opportunities across cryptocurrency platforms.

RBTR Tokenomics:

The $RBTR has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens. Initially, 20% of the tokens will be distributed on the market through ICO and private sales.

The team’s and founder’s tokens will initially be locked for one year and, after that, will be unlocked in a three-year timespan (Until Q2 of 2026).

  • Funders and team: 15%
  • Private sale: 10%
  • Public sale: 20%
  • Liquidity pool: 25%
  • Platform rewards and profits: 20%
  • Airdrops and staking rewards: 10%

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Media Contact

Organization: RBTR Token

Contact Person: Pasha Ivanov

Email: Send Email

Address 1: 1942 Broadway, Suite 314C, Boulder, Colorado 80302, US

State: Colorado

City: Boulder

Country: United States

Website: http://rbtr.info/