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Redactable Launches AI Redaction Platform with 900k Pre-Seed Funding

Redactable’s web-based application helps companies redact confidential documents permanently

New York, United States, 27th Jul 2022, Redactable has raised $900k in pre-seed funding for the launch of their AI-driven web application built to redact confidential documents easily and permanently. Their AI system automatically detects confidential information in documents and redacts it with results that companies can trust. Redactable is launching with support from renowned VCs including The Fund, Hustle FundRevelry and Stony Lonesome Group.

Redaction is necessary when individuals and companies are sharing documents that contain confidential information with external parties. Issues can arise when the sender tries to manually obscure or delete the information. Some senders draw boxes over their PDFs or highlight the text black, thinking it hides the sensitive information, but in reality, people can see what’s underneath the boxes.

“As a former loan consultant, I would get tons of confidential documents sent to me for due diligence packages,” says Redactable founder and CEO Amanda Levay. “I constantly had to manage documents such as client tax returns, social security numbers, account information, appraisals and inspection reports. I soon found out that drawing boxes over sensitive data didn’t work. Convinced there was a better way to redact documents, I started Redactable.”

While there are many PDF editing tools, Redactable is a complete redaction platform, built on AI and utilizes a SaaS business model. The platform leverages Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to auto-detect confidential information in a document and redact it fast. Since Redactable is web-based, there is no need to download any software or install any plugins. Users can also collaborate on large redaction projects – simply invite the team and get to work.

Redactable is a reliable solution that companies can be confident in. Rather than masked redactions that can be hacked or removed, the platform provides permanent redaction. The platform also generates Redaction Certificates so that users can keep track of who is redacting each document and at what time.

About Redactable

Redactable is a web-based, AI-driven platform built to redact confidential documents. The proprietary software leverages NLP/ML technology to auto-detect sensitive information in a document and redact it permanently. By delivering secure redaction, document scrubbing and collaboration tools, Redactable is the gold standard in redaction software.

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