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Setting an Example for People to Reform Lives through Faith – Larry Santos Reformation Journey

Millions of people lead their lives in vain without realizing the significance of their existence or their purpose in life. Constant partying and carousing without acknowledging the consequences of one’s actions lead to an endless cycle of sin, regret, and sorrow where the activities take control of a person’s life rather than the other way around. Most people do not realize that they live futile lives without meaningful contributions to society while constantly engaging in irresponsible behavior without worrying about consequences. The lack of regret or guilt regarding actions is a primary factor that keeps people involved in antisocial and sinful behavior. However, the conscience keeps provoking a person to repent and relinquish harmful and unruly activities and behavior.

Living a life of endless sin and disruptive behavior without considering or worrying about consequences adversely affects a person’s conscience because it stops giving signs or calls for redemption and forgiveness. People’s hearts and minds get used to disorderly and antisocial conduct as they drift further away from beneficial morals and social values. Religion, spirituality, and faith offer opportunities for reformation and redemption, but many people fail to understand how to connect with God and reclaim their lives. Redemption and salvation are essential components of religion and spirituality because they enable people to return to their faith and connect with God regardless of their past behavior and actions. Religion teaches people that there is always room for forgiveness, salvation, and redemption if a person repents after feeling regret and remorse.

Many people cannot reform their lives because they are unaware of how to take the first step toward reorganization and improvement. Larry Santos experienced a similar predicament by constantly living a life of sin without realizing the consequences. However, an epiphany changed his perspective on life and compelled him to complete a book about his journey to salvation and redemption. Santos dedicated the book to God because he realized that faith was the true road to transformation and reformation. He renewed his faith by connecting with God and left his earlier life of sins and unruly behavior behind. Santos engages his readers throughout the book by utilizing vivid language to highlight how faith offered an opportunity for reformation.

Larry Santos wrote his debut book, “How Can It Be,” to portray his journey to redemption and salvation. His book focuses on the significance of redemption in a person’s life and highlights how people can transform their lives by using faith and reconnecting with God. Santos shares his challenges during his journey to redemption and how he overcame the obstacles through his commitment to religion and spirituality. Santos teaches people how to use spirituality and faith to transform their lives regardless of their previous life or sins. He reflects on his journey from a humble sinner to a reformed individual with a deep connection and love for God and spirituality. Santos illustrates in the book that he was unaware of the gift of spirituality before his awakening and could not sleep after the vision. He had an immense urge to confess to someone like a priest, even with a bag of drugs in his pocket.

“How Can It Be” is Larry Santos’ reflection about his transformation from an avid partyer and sinner to a reformed individual. Santos talks about how he delved deeply into the Bible and started learning about King David. He realized that a spiritual force led him through different persons, stories, and moments in the Bible. Santos kept reforming his ways by reading the Bible and meeting various people and families. He illustrates in the book that he managed to find life’s meaning and the right path after connecting with God, renewing his faith, and leaving his previous life behind.

Larry Santos’ “How Can It Be” is a perfect medium for people to understand how connecting with God and renewing faith can offer a medium for transformation and reformation. He illustrates through the book how spirituality and faith can lead to enlightenment and self-awareness while providing a means for minimizing and eliminating antisocial behavior. Santos’ book teaches people they can mend their ways by reaching out to God and reconnecting with faith and religion. He elucidates the significance of reading the Bible and envisioning everything from a spiritual and religious perspective. He sets an example for people to reform their lives through faith by presenting his own journey to transformation and improvement from a previous life of sin.

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