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SpaceGrime Enters Metaverse as Starship Optimus – with NFTs and GameFi

The revamped project offers NFT plots on Mars and the moon as well as GameFi features

Starship Optimus has announced major NFT and GameFi updates in a roadmap that maps out their development, right from their early beginnings as SpaceGrime. This project, which is GameFi in its purest form, promises to cater to a post-scarcity world where common citizens can travel into space and be a part of the next generation of civilization. Starship Optimus will achieve this by integrating with the metaverse, launching space-themed games and NFTs, and designing an actual space program.

Starship Optimus is a refined version of SpaceGrime – the only meme token that Shiba Inu invested in and tweeted about. The revamped Starship Optimus website showcases a variety of upcoming features that truly reflect the futuristic vision of the team and their goal of being the official cryptocurrency in space.

The EcoSphere is a pivotal part of this project and will be the world’s first EcoSphere of this size within the US and Europe. Here, space food will be grown in space-simulated conditions before being grown on Mars. To make this a reality, the team has secured a partnership with a robotics company, allowing them to continue development in Nevada, USA. They have also been hiring key personnel from famous global teams to ensure they can meet their deliverables as promised.

The Metaverse will be home to social media and entertainment features that come together to provide a fun interplanetary journey. Starship Optimus has already gotten quite a few famous meme tokens on board and will announce them during the official release of the platform. This Metaverse will also include a multi-chain SWAP, a retail ecosystem and features for direct food purchases from the EcoSphere.

In the integrated NFT marketplace, gamers will be able to buy skins and weapons for the space simulation game. The Starship Optimus team is collaborating with indie artists to create a unique collection of NFTs that players can choose from.

Traditional aspects of a metaverse like homes, land and more will also be part of Starship Optimus, with one additional key aspect: $STOP NFTs. These NFTs can be used to build one-of-a-kind virtual real estate that will attract a premium price. In addition to this digital real estate, Starship Optimus is also tapping into the real estate market on Earth. Property owners will be able to sell their homes or portions of it as NFTs, hence getting much better pricing than the regular real estate market.

The GameFi features will appeal to any retro lover, ensuring that everyone enjoys their experience, no matter what their preferences are. The retro-themed game uses space-related characters, debris and tons of other asteroid-like collateral that can be purchased in-game and in the Metaverse. For the story-driven crowd, the team has developed a Black Mirror-inspired game.

The developers have taken a leap to allow users to purchase cryptocurrency using credit cards. They are already in collaboration with a company to allow users to buy $STOP tokens and pay for everyday purchases with this card. The fact that an altcoin in its infancy stage is working to make this a reality is only a tip of the iceberg and emphasizes the team’s ambition.

Since their last update to holders, the team has been working round the clock to make progress on the essential aspects of the roadmap. While the last few weeks have seen the most bearish crypto markets, the team has continued marketing in a reduced form. Furthermore, they’ve submitted an application to be listed on CoinMarketCap, which will further verify their authenticity and legitimacy.

As part of their migration process from SpaceGrime, they conducted 200 airdrops to holders of their new $STOP token and will award the most loyal holders dividends in X2, their complementary token. This token is designed to be the ultimate store of long-term value. With only 21,000 tokens minted, this is a very rare token – 1000x scarcer than Bitcoin.

The team continues to promote SpaceGrime and the GRIMEX token to maintain their connection to community members who have a strong sense of belonging to the original project. With Starship Optimus, they aim to ensure that space travel and colonization is a reality for everyone.

Connect with the Starship Optimus team on Twitter and Telegram.

About Starship Optimus

Starship Optimus is a space-inspired blockchain-based project that is working towards a Metaverse integration and uber cool space-related games and NFTs. This project is the second iteration of SpaceGrime, which had a very productive run in 2021. The project developers have extensive experience with world-renowned tech companies, including Microsoft, Tesla, Ripple, and META. This team is driven by a futuristic vision for a post-scarcity world with a self-sustaining Ecosphere.

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