Stratedigm’s Revolutionary A810 Cell Incubator Redefines Automated Sample Preparation

In the realm of biopharmaceutical research, where the extraction of meaningful insights from well-designed experiments is pivotal, the advent of Stratedigm’s A810 Cell Incubator (CI) marks a significant milestone. This novel incubator emerges as a beacon of innovation, adeptly addressing the pressing need for automation in high-throughput analysis. It is not just another addition to the laboratory; it is a transformative tool designed to streamline complex assay protocols and optimize resource allocation, thereby catalyzing the efficiency and efficacy of scientific exploration.

Strategically engineered to condense premium functionality into an ultra-compact form, the A810 CI stands in stark contrast to the conventional, cumbersome automated incubators. Its design excellence is manifested through a mere footprint of under a square foot, enabling the integration of up to four such modules into Stratedigm’s comprehensive flow cytometry suite. This seamless integration facilitates a holistic, start-to-finish automated solution, underscoring a leap towards accessible and adaptable intelligent instrumentation in laboratory settings.

The A810 CI is a testament to Stratedigm’s commitment to simplicity, performance, and reliability. The incubator’s architecture eschews the complexity of actively moving parts—common in traditional systems—for a fully automated framework that embraces a passive approach to sample manipulation and temperature control. This innovation ensures robust performance and unparalleled reliability, setting a new benchmark for incubator design.

Central to the A810’s exceptional performance is its innovative thermal management system. Powered by thermoelectric engines and a highly conductive spine, the incubator achieves a stable, uniform temperature environment, vital for sensitive biological assays. The elimination of internal fans and forced convection mitigates sample evaporation and thermal inconsistency, presenting an optimized thermal cavity that maintains precision even with an open door.

Stratedigm extends its ethos of user-centric design through the A810 CI, offering an intuitive software interface that simplifies complex assay setup. Its modularity allows for easy integration or expansion within existing systems, ensuring minimal disruption and maximal flexibility. Each module’s capability to independently house multiple plate formats or customized racks enhances the incubator’s versatility, making it an indispensable asset for a wide range of experimental conditions.

Stratedigm’s A810 Cell Incubator embodies a harmonious blend of sophistication and simplicity. It redefines benchtop incubation by delivering a compact, efficient, and reliable solution for automated sample preparation. This innovative incubator not only elevates the standard of biopharmaceutical research but also serves as a cornerstone for future advancements in laboratory automation, demonstrating Stratedigm’s unwavering dedication to enhancing the pursuit of scientific knowledge and discovery.


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