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Sunset Jeddah Recommends RateTiger Channel Manager for Revenue Growth

Efficiently streamlines bookings with RateTiger Solutions

United States, 23rd May 2024, King NewsWire – Nestled in the heart of Jeddah, Sunset Jeddah leverages RateTiger Channel Manager to maximize revenue. With more than a year and a half of experience utilizing this platform, the hotel has optimized the pricing, inventory and delivery through online platforms. The implementation of RateTiger has enabled Sunset Jeddah to broaden its market reach and enhance the online visibility of its offerings, thus securing a notable edge in the fiercely competitive landscape of the hospitality sector.

Sunset Jeddah promises an exceptional experience, featuring meticulously designed rooms, exclusive gym access, relaxing amenities like swimming pools and spa services, diverse culinary offerings including an Indian Restaurant and family-friendlyBonMiam Café, complement the vibrant city of Jeddah, surrounded by its rich cultural attractions and landmarks. 

Sunset Jeddah has harnessed the power of RateTiger Channel Manager, a seamless 2-way XML interface, facilitating direct integration between the hotel’s Property Management System (PMS) and various online marketing channels. This integration allows for real-time management of room prices and inventory across a plethora of platforms including global and regional OTAs, metasearch engines, GDS, travel agents, and booking engines.

Over the past eighteen months, Sunset Jeddah has experienced significant improvements in its business processes, with RateTiger’s advanced automation features and seamless data synchronization playing a pivotal role. RateTiger has not only saved substantial time for the hotel’s revenue management team but has also ensured greater accuracy in managing rates and inventory. This efficiency has empowered Sunset Jeddah to redirect its focus towards developing strategic initiatives that have yielded remarkable success.

“We commend RateTiger for its unwavering commitment to innovation and adaptability in meeting the evolving needs of the hospitality industry. Their dedication to excellence has been instrumental in our journey, we look forward to fostering our successful partnership with RateTiger for years to come. During our onboarding process, Swati Keshri went above and beyond to ensure a smooth transition onto the RateTiger platform. Their guidance, expertise, and steadfast support were pivotal in facilitating our seamless and efficient operations from the outset. Furthermore, I must commend Ayman Wani for their exceptional support and dedication in helping us improve our reach with different OTAs. Ayman’s insights, prompt assistance, and proactive approach have greatly contributed to our success in expanding our presence across various online channels.”— Remarked Rehmatullah Nadeem, IT / Revenue Manager, Sunset Jeddah.

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