TEDxYouth@ElliotStreet: A TEDxYouth Event Led By A 14 Year-Old Newton Resident

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TEDxYouth@ElliotStreet is the first public TEDxYouth event to held in Newton, Massachusetts, but that’s only one of the many remarkable things about it: TEDxYouth@ElliotStreet prides itself for its large, diverse team and talented roster of speakers, but the remarkable thing about it is that it its head organizer, Leo Liu, is only 14 years old.

United States, 30th Dec 2022, King NewsWire – TEDxYouth@ElliotStreet is a TEDxYouth event, which are events that make an effort to cater to a younger audience and have them consider issues and topics that are relevant to them. This is the first TEDxYouth event to be held in the Newton area, and has a very diverse staff, ensuring that all viewpoints are carefully considered to make the event as inclusive as possible. Since TEDxYouth@ElliotStreet is a youth-focused event, the staff have selected a predominantly younger group of speakers to spread their ideas.
Notably, the staff of TEDxYouth@ElliotStreet communicates entirely online, and is actually located around different locations all around the world. With a communication network that spans different forms of social media, TEDxYouth@ElliotStreet fully utilizes all the technology its staff have at their disposal to create the best possible event.

TEDxYouth@ElliotStreet is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that strives to ensure that if there are youth out there who want their voices to be heard, then they can be given a chance. The tagline of TED is “Ideas Worth Spreading,” and this is exactly what TEDxYouth@ElliotStreet aims to achieve with their event.

About the founder – Xiang “Leo” Liu

The founder of TEDxYouth@ElliotStreet, Leo Liu, first became interested in the idea of hosting a TEDx event when he was in 7th grade. Seeing people express such strong ideas, and being fulfilled just by being able to have others hear them, inspired Leo to do everything he could to be one of those people. After applying some hard work over several months, Leo was able to hone his idea into “Generational Division,” focusing on the divide between the younger and older generations. With this idea, Leo was selected to speak at TEDxEustis in Eustis, Florida, and got a glimpse at a world that he had never seen before. Seeing all of the happy people at such a wonderful event, Leo was inspired, and knew that organizing a TEDx event is what he wanted to do.

Nearly a year later, TEDxYouth@ElliotStreet is expected to be held on April 22, 2023. Leo and his staff are still working tirelessly on the planning and promotion of the event, and are doing everything they can to guarantee that it all goes off without a hitch. Leo’s hope is that this will be only the first TEDxYouth@ElliotStreet event, with many more to be held in the future. Sometimes, all that’s needed for a change is for one person to say something that everyone is already thinking, and one idea can go a long way toward creating a better world.

Media Contact

Organization: Christopher H

Contact Person: Christopher H

Email: Christopher.h.hampton@gmail.com

Website: https://tedxyouthelliotstreet.org

Country: United States

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