The 2023 Guide to Maximize Web Presence is Out: “Mastering Google Sites” with 30 Surprising Features is Now Available on Amazon

“Mastering Google Sites” is for anyone who wants to quickly build a website, and get the best out of it.

San Jose, California, United States, 26th Jan 2023 – In 2023, Google Sites is an ideal option to not only get visibility on the web, but maximize the returns. This powerful site builder from Google contains many features that aren’t well known. The newly published “Mastering Google Sites: Over 30 surprising things you never knew you could do with Google Sites – Year 2023 Edition” by web designer and consultant Harry Jung lays out all the details and the tools and tricks to get the most out of using Google Sites.

Everyone knows the easy, zero-code features of Google Sites. It allows anyone to create a collaborative platform for teams, a central hub for information sharing, an intranet, running a blog, hosting personal portfolios, and creating B2B websites. The Sites builder stays ahead of competition with regular updates, and by incorporating marketing and communication tools that are lacking in other website builders.

What is not so well known is how to maximize the outcomes and returns one can get by building a website using Google Sites.

“Mastering Google Sites” is for anyone who wants to quickly build a website, and get the best out of it. The book shares a collection of over 30 surprising things that webmasters and entrepreneurs can make use of to get the most juice out of their content and services. 

Before getting down to using Google Sites, it is useful to learn the seven key features of a Google Sites and its content management system as described in the book. Readers can then proceed to the stepwise guide to building a website (margin settings and image uploads included), learn all about adding custom domains, and publishing and optimization. The guide also includes how to copy pages and ways to transfer ownership.

The book covers everything one needs to know to build, deploy and maximize the outcomes – from basic, and intermediate to the advanced techniques for using Google Sites, which make it a complete guide. The topics covered include custom themes, embedding buttons and widgets, using discussion forums, adding a live chat, building contact forms, and SEO tips.

Here are just some of the surprises that readers will learn:

  • Surprise #1 – Google Sites can be used to obtain unlimited storage 
  • Surprise #2 – It can be used as a discussion forum!
  • Surprise #3 – It can be turned into an application
  • Surprise #4 – It can be used to embed popular gadgets 
  • Surprise #5 – It can even incorporate multilingual websites with domains

More than merely building and using a website, the book includes additional material on how to choose a web designer and getting the most out of the Business Profile Manager.

In 2023, there is a lot one can do with a website builder like Google Sites. The book details plenty of tricks and tips, and unravels the many things under the hood that aren’t so well known. This book will guide you into getting the best out of your Google Sites venture,” says author Harry SY Jung.

For those with specific aims, the book details several ways to use Google Sites, like building a personal page, a corporate website or an internal intranet for employees. The book serves as a complete guide to using Google Sites, from the ground basics to intermediate and advanced topics. 

It is also the only place to learn pro tips for Google Sites, like use of widgets, building a knowledge forum, or its multi-language features. 

“Mastering Google Sites: Over 30 surprising things you never knew you could do with Google Sites – Year 2023 Edition” is available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle editions and as an e-Book.

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Harry Jung carries over ten years of experience making webpages on Google Sites, and currently manages the Google Sites Templates Facebook community and its template websites section. He is known for his unique design abilities to create intricate webpages and a knowledge of current trends to create engaging and successful websites. His focus areas include use of cloud computing, IT led marketing and Web3. He also offers design services, and is available for online knowledge transfer. Harry lives in San Jose, California with his family.

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