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The 2024 China College Cycling Challenge Commences in Guiyang

China, 20th May 2024 – From May 11th to 13th, the 2024 China College Cycling Challenge was held in Qingzhen Campus of Guizhou Vocational and Technical College. This year’s challenge featured three major events: a mountain cross-country race, a road race and a track circle race, attracting participation of 56 university cycling teams nationwide, including University of Science and Technology of China, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Inner Mongolia Normal University, Hainan University, and Shanghai University.

The track circle race is a new addition to this year’s event. Previously track circle cycling was merely a recreational activity for college students. By including it as an official event in the 2024 China College Cycling Challenge, it offered athletes a fresh experience.

Hosting the China College Cycling Challenge in Guizhou provided a broader platform for university sports talent to showcase their skills, enriched Guizhou’s event portfolio, and marked a significant achievement for the province in enhancing the integration of sports and education.

Furthermore, Guizhou Province has integrated local sports and educational resources to establish an effective sports talent cultivation mechanism. This initiative aims to promote the development of Guizhou as a strong province in mountain outdoor sports with ethnic characteristics, by discovering and nurturing more outstanding sports talents, thereby injecting new vitality and momentum into the province’s sports industry.

To enrich the event, the organizers also synchronized the children’s balance bike pump track and extreme obstacle performances during the competition, offering spectators a unique and exciting viewing experience.

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