The AI Colony Unveils Gamified Launchpad to Boost Innovative AI Tools.

Shelton Street, London, United Kingdom, 31st May 2024 – The AI Colony, a premier media, marketing, and content brand dedicated to AI, Tech, and SaaS products, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new gamified platform through its subsidiary, The AI Library. This initiative aims to fasten the way AI tools and technologies are promoted and discovered, setting a new standard in the industry.

AI Boom: Why We Need More Publicity for AI Tools
We live in a time when innovative AI tools are emerging to transform every facet of our lives. Amazing new tools are popping up all the time, but some get lost in the crowd.  While AI is making waves in tech headlines, the AI industry needs to ramp up its publicity efforts.

Many companies, especially smaller ones, don’t even know helpful AI tools exist! More publicity can show them how AI can save time, boost efficiency, and turn data into gold. Platforms like The AI Library’s Gamified Launchpad, hosted by The AI Colony, are perfect examples of how to support emerging AI brands. By providing a platform to showcase and compete, The AI Library not only promotes innovation but also helps users discover new and impactful AI solutions.

Supporting Startups and Emerging Players in the AI Industry
The AI industry is not just about established tech giants; it also encompasses a vibrant ecosystem of startups and emerging players who are driving innovation. These smaller entities often lack the resources and platforms to gain the visibility they need to succeed. Increased publicity for AI tools can level the playing field, giving startups the exposure they need to attract investment, partners, and customers.

Publicity for AI tools is not just about individual success; it’s also about fostering a collaborative community. When AI tools and technologies are widely publicized, it encourages knowledge sharing and collaboration among developers, researchers, and users. This collective effort can accelerate advancements in AI, leading to more robust and versatile solutions.

The AI Colony seeks to Boost the AI Industry with two platforms:

1. Future Edge


As the marketing agency arm of The AI Colony, Future Edge specializes in promoting AI, Tech, and SaaS products. Future Edge ensures top results and utmost satisfaction for its clients. They do this through an in-depth analysis of brands, auditing, creation of strong brand identities, digital marketing, and visual content creation. Visit

2. The AI Library Gamified Launchpad

The AI Library Gamified Launchpad is designed to achieve three primary objectives:
1. Promote and Showcase the Best AI, Tech, and SaaS Brands
2. Help Users Discover New and Emerging AI/Tech and SaaS Products Weekly
3. Establish a Thriving Community for AI and Tech Enthusiasts.

How to Join the Gamified Launchpad
Getting featured on the Launchpad is straightforward, with two main options available. The first option is the Free Listing, where you can submit your product for free and wait in the queue to be featured in the upcoming weekly competition. This method ensures that all products have a chance to be showcased on the platform.

Alternatively, you can choose to Jump the Queue by paying a fee, allowing your product to be featured in the next available weekly competition. This option is perfect for brands looking to expedite their exposure and gain immediate visibility. Additionally, your product will be featured on our LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok accounts, included in our weekly newsletters, and you will receive a lifetime SEO backlink, providing continuous visibility and engagement for your product.

Benefits for Brands
Brands that onboard their AI tools onto the AI Library platform can expect numerous benefits. During the competition engagement, brands can see a significant boost in visibility, leading to increased website traffic and brand awareness. Additionally, The AI Colony’s social media channels, which receive over 15k monthly link clicks, will feature these brands, providing valuable social media exposure and promotion. Also winning the coveted “Brand of the Week” spot offers tremendous prestige and can significantly enhance a brand’s reputation and reach.

Moreover, the AI tools listed on the platform will have the opportunity to offer exclusive discounts and deals to users, attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. The continuous presence on the Gamified Launchpad ensures that these tools remain visible to a growing audience of AI and tech enthusiasts. This ongoing exposure is invaluable for maintaining and increasing brand awareness over time.

What’s in it for users visiting The AI Library Launchpad? 
Users will enjoy an engaging and interactive experience, staying updated with the latest innovations and solutions in AI, Tech, and SaaS products. The Launchpad is designed to keep users informed about the latest developments, making it an invaluable resource for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Visitors can also browse and review competing brands, influencing the outcome by voting for their favorite brands and products. This interactive element not only makes the experience more enjoyable but also gives users a sense of participation and impact in the AI community. Additionally, users will benefit from exclusive discounts and deals available only to the Launchpad community, providing access to special offers that can save money and add value.

Furthermore, users can earn points and climb the leaderboard by engaging with the platform. This gamified aspect adds a fun and competitive edge to the experience, with the potential to win amazing prizes in the near future. The AI Library Launchpad ensures that users are not only informed and engaged, but also rewarded for their participation.

The AI Library: Where Innovation Meets Engagement in a Gamified Launchpad
Combining the collaboration of The AI Colony and Future Edge, The AI Library Gamified Launchpad is poised to become the go-to destination for AI innovation. The AI Colony, a premier media and content brand, brings its extensive knowledge of AI, tech, and SaaS products to the table, ensuring that only the most promising and impactful tools are featured. Meanwhile, Future Edge, specializing in marketing AI and tech products, leverages its strategic insights to maximize visibility and engagement for the tools showcased on the platform.

To learn more and join the competition, visit the ailibrary. This provides detailed information on how to submit your AI tool, participate in the gamified launchpad, and take advantage of the numerous benefits offered to both brands and users.

As an AI developer looking to promote your latest creation or a tech enthusiast eager to discover new innovations, The AI Library Gamified Launchpad is the perfect place to connect, compete, and celebrate the best in AI technology.

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