The Alchemists Unveils Gold Portal: Empowering Digital Asset Holders with Lucrative Revenue Streams in the Web3 Era

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The Alchemists Unveils Gold Portal: Empowering Digital Asset Holders with Lucrative Revenue Streams in the Web3 Era

South Africa, 17th Aug 2023 – The Alchemists, a pioneering force in the web3 landscape, is excited to introduce a groundbreaking opportunity that promises to revolutionize the way digital asset holders approach revenue generation. The launch of their innovative Gold Portal marks a significant leap forward in the quest for diversified income within the digital realm, providing users with a dynamic and accessible pathway to financial growth.

The Gold Portal, recently launched by The Alchemists, serves as a gateway for digital asset holders to engage with the transformative Gold lending Protocol. Achieving an impressive 6% returns over the past two months, the Gold Portal also offers enticing bonuses ranging from 0.2% to 0.75% for those contributing with their existing digital assets. This unique feature positions The Alchemists as a leading player in the effort to merge web3 advancements with traditional investment avenues.

One of the most distinctive attributes of The Alchemists’ Gold Portal is its commitment to user experience and empowerment. Deposited funds are locked in for a three-month period, affording users the flexibility to compound their returns monthly or make withdrawals. This adaptable approach allows participants to tailor their financial strategy to their individual needs, thereby maximizing their earnings potential.

“The Alchemists is thrilled to introduce the Gold Portal, a groundbreaking initiative that redefines revenue generation in the web3 era,” said Tahier Smith, CEO at The Alchemists. “Our innovative fusion of digital assets and the Gold lending Protocol not only offers diversified income streams but also empowers users to contribute to our dynamic web3 ecosystem.”

Participation in the Gold Portal requires the use of Polygon USDC with Matic for gas fees, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process. Additionally, rewards earned through the platform are provided in the form of USDC Polygon, enhancing accessibility and usability.

To celebrate the launch of this transformative platform, The Alchemists is hosting an exclusive mint event. By minting one of their Digital Assets on Polygon with USDC for $400, participants not only unlock financial possibilities but also contribute to the growth of the Gold Portal. A remarkable $100 of the minting fee is directly allocated into the Gold Portal, providing participants with the option to choose between enjoying monthly returns or compounding their earnings. Those interested in the event are encouraged to open a support ticket and specify their preferred choice.

For those seeking a deeper understanding of The Alchemists’ vision and offerings, a comprehensive exploration awaits at

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About The Alchemists: Positioned at the forefront of web3 innovation, The Alchemists seamlessly intertwines digital assets and financial opportunities through their groundbreaking Gold Portal. By placing empowerment and financial growth at the forefront, The Alchemists are reshaping the landscape of the digital realm.

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