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The application of optical fiber module is so wide

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However,what you may not expect is that the application range of optical fiber modules is so wide.Today,let’s talk about the application range and equipment of optical fiber modules.

  In many people’s understanding,what is an optical module?Some people answered:it is not composed of an optoelectronic device,a PCB board and a shell,but what is its role?

 In fact,the optical module is composed of optoelectronic devices(Tosa,Rosa,Bosa),optical interface(shell)and PCB board.Secondly,its function is to convert the electrical signal into an optical signal by the sending end,and then convert the optical signal into an electrical signal by the receiving end after being transmitted through the optical fiber.In short,it is an electronic component for photoelectric conversion.

 However,what you may not expect is that the application range of optical fiber modules is so wide.Today,let’s talk about the application range and equipment of optical fiber modules.

 First of all,optical fiber modules are mainly applied to the following equipment:

 1.Optical transceiver;

 This optical transceiver uses 1*9 and SFP optical modules,which are mainly used in enterprise intranets,Internet cafes,IP hotels,community interiors and other fields.The application range is also relatively wide.In addition to selling optical modules,cables,jumpers and other products,our company has also prepared some supporting products,such as transceivers,pigtails,adapters and so on.


 Switch(English:switch,meaning”switch”)is a network device used for electrical signal forwarding,mainly using electrical port,1*9,SFP,SFP+,XFP optical module,etc.

 It can provide an exclusive electrical signal path for any two network nodes accessing the switch.Among them,the most common switches are Ethernet switches,followed by telephone voice switches and optical fiber switches.We have more than 50 brand switches,and the optical modules will be tested for real machine compatibility before leaving the factory,so we can be absolutely assured of quality.

 3.Optical fiber network card;

 Optical fiber network card is an optical fiber Ethernet adapter,so it is referred to as optical fiber network card for short.It mainly uses 1*9 optical module,SFP optical module,SFP+optical module,etc.

 It can be divided into 100Mbps,1Gbps and 10Gbps according to the transmission rate,PCI,PCI-X and PCI-E(x1/X4/X8/x16)according to the type of main board socket,and LC,SC,FC and St according to the type of interface.

 4.Optical fiber high speed ball machine;

 The optical fiber high-speed ball machine mainly uses SFP optical modules,and the high-speed ball is simply an intelligent camera front-end,which is the most complex and best comprehensive performance camera front-end of the monitoring system.The optical fiber high-speed ball is to integrate the network video server module or optical transceiver module in the high-speed ball.

 5.Base station;

 The base station mainly adopts SFP,SFP+,XFP and SFP 28 optical modules.In the mobile communication system,the fixed part and the wireless part are connected,and the equipment connected to the mobile station is transmitted wirelessly over the air.With the promotion of the construction of 5g base stations,the optical module industry has also entered the production demand period.

 6.Optical fiber router;

 Optical fiber routers generally use SFP optical modules.The difference between them and ordinary routers lies in the different transmission media.The network interface of ordinary routers uses twisted pair as the transmission media,and the network cable it leads out is an electrical signal;The network port of the optical fiber router uses optical fiber,which can be used to analyze the optical signal in the incoming optical fiber.

 Secondly,there are many applications of optical fiber modules,such as:

 1.Railway system.In the communication system network of railway system,the application of optical fiber communication technology always plays an important role.It can not only improve the efficiency of ordinary optical fiber communication,but also enhance the efficiency of information utilization in the railway communication network by virtue of its good data transmission stability.

 2.Tunnel traffic monitoring.With the continuous acceleration of the urbanization process,the urban population’s travel is increasingly dependent on the subway.It is urgent to ensure the safety of the subway.Applying temperature sensing optical fiber to the subway tunnel can effectively play the role of fire warning.

 In addition,the application scope of optical modules is also in intelligent transportation systems,building automation,ISP network solution providers and automobile networks.Not only can optical fibers be used for communication transmission,but also optical modules can save space and costs,and are convenient and fast.

 At the same time,as the main pillar of modern information exchange,processing and transmission,the optical communication network has been developing towards ultra-high frequency,ultra-high speed and ultra large capacity.The higher the transmission rate,the larger the capacity,and the lower the cost of transmitting each information.In order to meet the requirements of modern communication equipment,the optical fiber module is also developing into a highly integrated small package,with low cost,low power consumption,high speed and long distance,Hot plug is also a development trend.

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