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The Center for the Study of Space Crime, Policy, and Governance Announces First Annual Space Piracy Conference, Set for February 2025

Two-day by invitation only symposium will bring together experts and stakeholders from multiple sectors who are potentially affected by crime, piracy, and smuggling in space

Cleveland, OH, United States, 30th May 2024, King NewsWireThe Center for the Study of Space Crime, Policy, and Governance (CSCPG), an independent, nonpartisan think tank, today announced that it will present the first annual Space Piracy Conference on February 11 and 12, 2025. Planning is in progress for the by invitation only symposium, which will take place in Annapolis, Maryland. The conference will feature leading policy thinkers, financiers, executives, and entrepreneurs from multiple disciplines in discussions about the risks of piracy in space and solutions to this potentially devastating economic and legal problem.

Piracy and crime in space are at this point largely theoretical problems. However, expert consensus is that the rapid commercial growth of the space sector will inevitably result in criminal activity—a challenge that current treaties, legal frameworks, law enforcement, and military/intelligence capabilities are unable to address. 

“Now is the time to start thinking and talking about mitigating the threat of piracy in space,” said Marc Feldman, Executive Director of the CSCPG. “As we like to say, and please forgive me, Leon Trotsky, but you may not be interested in space piracy, but space pirates are interested in you….” Feldman, who has worked in the space venture sector for many years, is co-author, with Hugh Taylor, of the book Space Piracy: Preparing for a Criminal Crisis in Orbit, which is scheduled for publication by John Wiley & Sons in January, 2025.

The conference will facilitate a series of integrative, multi-threaded dialogues. Sessions will explore the risks of crime and piracy in space from the perspectives of finance, commercial insurance and risk management, space law, space policy, intelligence, international relations, and the military. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from an exclusive, elite group of experts from diverse backgrounds. They will learn about how space piracy and crime will affect the growing space industry and national security—and how stakeholders can protect themselves from risk.

“Any serious analysis and planning process for the future of space commerce, as well as space aspects of national security, needs to consider the threat of piracy,” explained Dr. Gordon Roesler, a space system developer and retired US Navy Captain who is an advisor to the conference. “Admiral Mahan taught us that wherever there are lines of commerce, they must be defended. The US military and intelligence communities should perhaps take a close look at the possibility for criminal activity using advanced space capabilities. The conference provides a unique opportunity for interested parties to come together and start discussing this problem.”

Attendance is limited to 200 at the event, which is tentatively set to take place at the U.S. Naval Institute’s Jack C. Taylor Conference Center on the US Naval Academy campus in Annapolis, Maryland—an appropriate venue given the Navy’s 200+ year history of fighting pirates on the sea. 

More information about participation will become available in the coming months.

To inquire about attending or sponsoring the conference, please contact the CSCPG at https://cscpg.org/contact-us/ 


About The Center for the Study of Space Crime, Policy, and Governance 

The Center for the Study of Space Crime, Policy, and Governance (CSCPG) is an independent, nonpartisan think tank whose purpose is to serve as a policy resource for government officials and business executives on issues related to space governance, sovereignty, commerce, law, crime, and piracy. 




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