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The Dowe’s Exclusive NFT’s Earthangels1000 to Sell Out, And Raise Over $10M

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California, United States, 19th Jan 2023, King NewsWire – By now everyone knows that non-fungible tokens like the Earthangels1000 collection are reshaping the traditional art market and have captured the attention of artists, collectors, galleries, museums and auction houses alike. 

NFTs are a new type of crypto asset class that’s spurring a new type of economic activity. NFTs are stored and recorded usually on the Ethereum, Solana, or now newly Polygon “blockchains.”

When you have digital art stored on a blockchain this art will last forever without worry about the art piece ever being stolen or damaged. Since NFT’s are on the blockchain there will always be proof of ownership, kind of like having a deed to a house. 

Collecting and securing an Earthangels1000 NFT on Ethereums Blockchain not only gets people exclusive NFTS but also unlockable content including an Earthangels1000 “floating moment NFT” which the owners can either keep, or trade on any NFT or secondary NFT marketplace, plus autographed art by Lamone Horsford, an Artist that have done digital art portraits for high profile influencers and gamer internet celebrities like CoryxKenshin, and lastly an all-expenses paid weekend with Mia C. Dowe, Hady Lopez de Dowe, and Shawn J Dowe in the U.S. at an undisclosed luxurious location. 

Also, while browsing through the Earthangels1000 collection check out their Kathakali Dancers NFT, a special collab from Polygon and Coinbase Wallet. Designed by Mumbai-based eDAO artist and white noise cofounder Sajid Wajid Shaikh and rendered by Kashish Arora. The Special edition NFT collaboration was airdropped to Shawn by Coinbase in early August of 2022. People can also purchase their Master Limited Edition Binance.US Citizen Portal Card NFT and Master Limited Edition Binance.US 3 Year Anniversary Cake NFT which they would have had to attended a special exclusive Binance.US metalounge party to have obtained. 

They know that Art traders never miss out on a good opportunity to earn money on the secondary market so they will see what will happen as traders begin to collect and trade the Earthangels1000 NFTs.

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