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The Latest Updates from BuyTVInternetPhone – A One-Stop Shop for All Things Internet and TV Providers by ZIP Code

BuyTVInternetPhone shows all the available internet, TV, and phone offers available, narrowed down to the zip code level. Since its launch, the comparison website has enabled Americans to make well-informed and beneficial decisions as they access the latest updates, deals, and promo offers.

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The company’s in-demand offers in 2022 that have brought value to consumers are projected to continue the upward subscription trend over the next year.


With Spectrum, BuyTVInternetPhone brought in an array of internet and TV offers for its new customers this year. Now customers can customize their Spectrum TV subscription by opting for a base-level TV plan and personalize it with their choice of TV add-ons. Moreover, the internet speed boost with no price hike ranks Spectrum among the top-selling providers at BuyTVInternetPhone in 2022.

“BuyTVInternetPhone is always aiming to keep up with the ever-evolving consumer usage patterns and demands. The evolution of Spectrum offers is a much-needed boon for our customers and us too as we fulfill the market demand: value for money and customization,” says David Simokaitis, a spokesperson at BuyTVInternetPhone.

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AT&T is another favorite of BuyTVInternetPhone’s customers as it always brings value-filled offers and promotions to the table.

A great addition to rewards came this year in the form of the AT&T Switcher Reward Card. As new customers switch from their current provider in favor of AT&T Fiber, they are now compensated for paying an early termination fee (ETF). All customers have to do is submit eligible proof of the previous internet service’s ETF, and they will receive a reward card comparable in value.

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MetroNet is a regional provider with limited coverage, however, it is one of the top sellers at BuyTVInternetPhone due to its 100% fiber-optic internet service. MetroNet ensures industry-leading symmetrical internet speeds along with unlimited internet data, which is a major USP for the brand. With recent changes to its promotional offers, MetroNet is a competitive market player.

MetroNet has introduced promo prices in markets across its footprint. Offers vary across locations, but each is designed to deliver the full advantage of a Fiber-to-the-Home service at the best price. Click here to get a better view of the MetroNet prices by zip code via BuyTVInternetPhone customer service. The phone price will not be amended, and it will still be available for an additional $20 every month with all internet-only plans.

About BuyTVInternetPhone 

BuyTVInternetPhone aims to help U.S. residents find reliable service providers right at their addresses. Partnering with top-grade U.S. internet, TV, and home phone providers, the platform also surveys and analyzes the U.S. telecom landscape to provide a better understanding of the various featured services. Consequently, it enables customers to make better and smarter decisions.

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