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Al Azaibah, Muscat, Oman, 1st Nov 2022, TRUST COIN (Trust Coin symbolized as “TRC”) is a cryptocurrency, a virtual currency intended to function as digital money, as a means of payment beyond the control of any single person, group, or entity. This eliminates the need for third party involvement. in financial transactions. Trust Coin is believed to be the first cryptocurrency in Oman. We partner with Oman Investment House LLC (, a family-owned company that supports and oversees the growth of multiple business organizations towards a knowledge-based economy. Trust Coin has a market value tied to his $1.5 billion project, allowing investors to use the coin to purchase products and invest in the project. In addition to the numerous mutual funds listed on stock exchanges that accept TRC as a payment method (Note: subject to upcoming Omani legislation regarding cryptocurrencies). Trustcoin’s intention is to fuse and enhance the concept of cryptocurrency and digital money to achieve seamless liquidity and efficient exchange between various types of digital assets around the world, enabling everyone to participate in the new crypto-economy. It is about giving access to the opportunities and wealth that make it possible.


Trust Coin is an open source Centralized blockchain network for storing and moving money using smart contract functionality. Trust Coin’s main goal is to reduce transaction fees while maintaining network stability, speed and security. Our goal is to become the number one next generation smart contract blockchain platform. Our Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem does not sleep or discriminate against those who only use an internet connection to make payments. With Trust Coins, you can send, receive, borrow, earn interest, and even stream money anytime, anywhere. To do the job, all you have to do is set up a wallet that gives you full control over your personal information. Trust Coins can be used to represent, trade and leverage what you own as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). The use of NFTs is widespread in various industries such as art and games, where they have proven to be a valuable tool for demonstrating digital uniqueness and ownership. 


The main purpose behind having a Blockchain application is to ensure the integrity of data and provide credibility to the network. These properties are maintained by sharing the same ledger amongst different systems, distributed globally. The concept of Blockchain states that every block that contains data is connected cryptographically to the next block. If you change or modify any block, all the subsequent blocks have to be changed as their value or their hash depends on the previous block. However, if this cryptographic chain of blocks was present at a single location, any hacker could change the value of all the blocks. In order to sustain the integrity of data, the Blockchain is a distributed network that shares the same copy of ledger or data among multiple systems.

Trust Coin Staking System

With Stake & Rest users/Investors can stake their Trust coin with trust Staking platform (launching on January 2023) and let Trust coin resting for minimum One year and we Trust coin & Oman Investment House will be doing Investment on Real World Assets ( Projects, Companies, Real estate etc.) Resulting Upto 10% APY (Annual Percentile Yield) after one year for users/inventors. After one year users/investors can withdraw the stakes or renew the staking and same process will begun again. 


Blockchain with search engine is very important TRUST also has its own scan. This system has been added to his TRUST for transparency, allowing users to see, confirm and verify all transactions made on his TRUST blockchain. It is therefore designed to enable fast and decentralized exchanges and transactions, running parallel to the Access Next blockchain and optimally managing all smart contracts. Trust Scan’s main goals are to reduce cases of financial fraud and theft, provide users with the highest level of security, and build an ecosystem of trust and transparency.


The emerging use of blockchain is smart contracts (also referred to as blockchain contracts, digital contracts, self-executing contracts, or smart property. A smart contract is a computer protocol that automatically executes the terms of a contract. 

TRUST Bridge

Trust Bridge is a decentralized bridge. Trust bridge uses a smart contract that connects different networks. Exchange operations with coins are carried out automatically if the conditions of the smart contract are met. The Trust decentralized bridge functions in the same way as the centralized one.

Trust Coin aims to combine and advance the ideas of cryptocurrency and digital currency, provide seamless liquidity and efficient exchange across different forms of digital assets worldwide, and let anybody to benefit from the opportunities and success the new crypto economy provides.

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