The OODLE Marketplace partners with the Crypto Chamber of Commerce in Florida United States of America.

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The OODLE Marketplace is the most advanced, secure and private member-based real world trading platform available today.


Dover, Delaware, United States, 29th Aug 2022, King NewsWire, The Crypto Chamber of Commerce, headquartered in Florida United States of America is a global crypto entity with (insert number) of community members that’s objective is to bridge the gap between people and crypto utilizing the future of banking and digital currencies

Members of the Crypto Chamber of Commerce face risk for losses through supply chain disruptions, cost volatility, inadvertent non-compliance fines. These issues can cause damage to their brand and reputation in their business. 

The Crypto Chamber of Commerce is offering membership of the OODLE Marketplace to its community members. This provides a unique access opportunity for them to join the revolutionary OODLE Marketplace to help them address all these issues and help create competitive differentiation to their businesses. They will also be able to utilize the future of digital currencies as a common place means of payment in any transaction, they do on the OODLE Marketplace. 

The Crypto Chamber of Commerce CEO, Lawrence Zolnowski, said “OODLE Marketplace is completely unique in what it does and so to be able to offer for our member community is really exciting”. 

“The OODLE Marketplace is an online private members platform where our members can come together to not only conduct transactions, but they can also store and access their Digital Currencies and transact globally with their Digital Assets. This is something The Crypto Chamber of Commerce is proud to be able to offer its members and to be a part of.”




Media Contact

Organization: Crypto Chamber of Commerce

Contact Person: Lawrence Zolnowski

Email: Send Email

Address 1: 8 The Green, Suite 12250 Dover, DE 19901

Phone: +971 04 223 4531

State: Delaware

City: Dover

Country: United States

Website: https://www.CryptoChamber.com