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The polyphenols-rich Mediterranean diet once again proves to be the best diet for people’s well-being

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It’s all about the Mediterranean diet.

United States, 14th Dec 2022, King NewsWire – Another scientific article, published in BMC Medicine, has further strengthened MAGISNAT’s theory ( that the polyphenol-rich Mediterranean diet is the solution for the well-being of the human body ( ).

In this recent study, the beneficial effect of the Mediterranean diet, mainly based on green leafy vegetables and low in red and processed meat, on visceral adipose tissue was investigated. This interesting study investigated several people with the presence of visceral adiposity and, therefore, tended to be overweight. The participants were divided into two groups. One group was advised to follow a healthy diet, while the other was advised to follow the mainly plant-based Mediterranean diet, both paired with moderate exercise practice.

The outcome of the study was clear: among the two groups of people, the one that achieved more significant results, in terms of reducing the percentage of visceral adiposity, was the one that followed a mainly plant-based Mediterranean diet and practiced healthy physical exercise.

Once again, the Mediterranean diet has proven its goodness and effectiveness, and MAGISNAT’s project has been strengthened. MAGISNAT’s professors and researchers, both from the United States and Italy, will continue their campaign toward collective well-being, obviously through the Mediterranean lifestyle and healthy physical activity.

The secret of the effectiveness of the Mediterranean diet, says the founder of this innovative spin-off, Dr. Matteo Bertelli, is the presence of green leafy plant foods: “It is the typical vegetables of the Mediterranean diet that make it on of the most effective diets. In particular, the polyphenols extracted from these plants are the key ingredient for people’s well-being,” says Dr. Bertelli. Moreover, following the published scientific researches, Dr. Bertelli says that “It is not enough to reduce the consumption of alcohol, sugar and fat to achieve optimal health. The right amount of polyphenols, particularly those extracted from olive plants such as Hydroxytyrosol, and limited consumption of red and processed meat, are needed to achieve good health.”

The Mediterranean diet not only brings well-being to the body, but also helps prevent the onset of various diseases, such as non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and cardiovascular diseases, and slows the cellular aging process.

However, MAGISNAT is aware that, to the present day, adopting a Mediterranean lifestyle can be difficult. Life has become really hectic, and people have little time to devote to their well-being. Thus, MAGISNAT has decided to promote a line of hydroxytyrosol-based supplements, GARLIVE Recovery and GARLIVE Oral Spray, available on Amazon ( ) that facilitate the intake of these benefical natural molecules.

Specifically, GARLIVE ORAL SPRAY ( ) and GARLIVE RECOVERY ( ), contain more polyphenols than two cups of extra virgin olive oil. Moreover, GARLIVE Recovery also contains high dosages of vitamins: among these, for example, it contains B-group vitamins, C, D (one tablet contains more vitamins than 14 ounces of fruit). 

MAGISNAT is following the right path to achieve its ultimate goal, people’s well-being

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