Things you need to know about vehicle eMMC, tablet eMMC, Industrial mSATA SSD, and FORESEE memory.

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United States, 22nd Nov 2022, King NewsWireOne of the well-known companies that supply technology-based storage products is named Longsys. They offer methodical solutions for the storage of personal data as well as commercial and industrial software and hardware technologies. You can find out more about them as well as the product lines that they offer by going to their website. In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss a few of the areas in which they excel.

What is vehicle eMMC?

The term “Vehicle eMMC” refers to the embedded multimedia card that is utilized in automobiles. To store data in a car, such as music, films, and GPS coordinates, this particular kind of flash memory storage device is utilized. The electronic multi-media card, also known as Vehicle eMMC, is a form of flash memory storage device that is used in vehicles to store data.

A tablet eMMC:

The eMMC drive is a new kind of solid-state drive that is gaining more and more traction in the tablet market as well as other markets for devices with compact form factors. The eMMC used in tablets is called tablet eMMC. When compared to other forms of storage, an embedded Multi Media Card stands out as a unique option because it is physically integrated into the motherboard.

Industrial mSATA SSD: 

For industrial applications that demand solid-state storage in a considerably smaller footprint than a 2.5″ SSD, the mSATA is a tiny industrial storage option that is roughly the size of a business card. This option is designed for use with the mSATA. The industrial mSATA SSD is an excellent choice for use as storage in industrial and embedded applications. It has reduced power consumption, faster data access, and more durability compared to traditional spinning hard drives, which are only some of the benefits it offers. If you’re looking for a storage solution for an embedded or industrial application, you should take into consideration purchasing an industrial mSATA SSD.


FORESEE memory features a tiny eMMC that can deliver outstanding performance in a variety of operational settings while maintaining its stability. If the product is exposed to extreme conditions, such as a loss of power or an unstable voltage, the power-off protection function and the anticipated replacement function will ensure that the data will continue to be accurate. Additionally, they will ensure that the data will be replaced before any errors are made. Users can circumvent a multitude of data storage issues that are normally associated with urgent circumstances as a result of this.


If you are interested in storage base items, you should not wait; Longsys will meet all of your needs. They give accurate and efficient services to consumers based on a quality culture that is comprised of value, brand, quality, and regulation compliance components. This culture allows them to provide services that meet customers’ needs. Longsys implements quality management beginning with the requirements of the customer and continuing through the delivery of products and services.

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