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This startup wants to change the way manufacturers order materials from suppliers

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Little elm, Texas, United States, 3rd Sep 2023, King NewsWire It’s been a long problem where job shops and small scale manufacturers have faced issues communicating with vendors, which currently relies heavily on email chains that have become convoluted and time-consuming.

But the question of how to tackle this problem has remained a big question for many manufacturers.

One A.I. startup has made its mission to offer manufacturers a better way to communicate and purchase materials with vendors. Founded by 3 teens that come from an impressive background of establishing previous ventures,  Nova optimizes outbound processes, encompassing initial contact, follow-ups, order negotiations, and meticulous tracking of vendor inbound emails, providing concise parsed summaries of crucial details. Nova is able to streamline a 18 step procurement process into less than 5 steps ranging from onboarding vendors to organizing inbound responses in an efficient manner.

Nova’s journey began when its co-founders, Archit Thanikella, Siddhant Singh, and Paul Joseph were discussing ideas at a local Starbucks. They initially were set out on creating hardware technology for the municipal sector, However, after various pivots, they focused on the manufacturing sector going on 79 factory visits before they found a huge paint point with something as simple as emailing and are now developing a solution for it.

Archit Thanikella involved within the finance sector; Siddhant Singh involved with the technology and crypto sector; and Paul Joseph involved with having a strong network within the manufacturing sector. Archit, Siddhant, and Paul all have achieved very notable things and stem from backgrounds like generating traction from their past venture within the manufacturing sector, improving their city’s road conditions through deep tech, and publishing research with PHD journals: ACM, AMS, Springer, IEEE, and much more. At a young age they have been able to carry out many ventures and are now using their expertise to develop a profound solution within the manufacturing sector.

Their journey began during the visits they had with manufacturers. They saw nearly 43 unique manufacturers having a hard time coordinating orders and tracking the various responses they received from vendors. One specific shop had a facility owner who had nearly 18 years of experience building out his own material resource planning software but not making a dent in managing his messy communication with vendors.

The conversation with the manufacturer sparked an idea. The trio then asked the manufacturer  “What if we could create a platform that automates your outbound processes and then utilize AI to extract important info from vendor responses all in one platform ?”

The manufacturer was interested and realized the potential. “Yes, that would be very helpful to me and my colleagues who are drowning in administration tasks.”

So the trio teamed up to start nova. Their goal was to change the way manufacturers order materials from vendors since the current process relies heavily on email chains that have become convoluted and time-consuming. They wanted to fix this issue by creating a system of using automated order requests and utilizing gen AI to tackle this issue.

How it works

Nova works by utilizing email automation and generative AI to be able to send outbound emails efficiently and extract incoming inbound emails. Nova’s ongoing enhancements include a feature where inputting a few parameters such as the dimensions of a material or need date allows for the platform to automatically create email templates enhancing overall deliverability to more vendors. The tool allows for multiple emails to be sent out simultaneously reducing overall administration hassle.  In addition, Nova’s parsing tool can search through emails to provide a summarized view of specific order requests for manufacturers accelerating overall material sourcing.

Currently, the team at Nova is racing to raise a pre-seed funding round to allow for future breakthroughs through R&D and expediting the development process. They are set on attending TechCrunch 2023 and SXSW 2024  if you would like to meet in person, let us know!

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