Thriends Token: Navigating the Future of Cryptocurrency Investments


Interacting with the community across various platforms, Thriends cultivates a sense of connection. For real-time updates and insights into upcoming events, following the Threads account is highly recommended, providing an immersive experience in the vibrant world of Thriends.


Thriends NFT Collection represents a dedication to creativity, meticulously crafted between mid-April and November 2023, featuring bespoke artwork requiring over 1,500 hours of meticulous effort. Each piece in this unique collection stands as a testament to Thriends’ distinctive creative vision.



Innovative Reward System:

In its initial stages, Thriends introduced the Thriends Token (TT) exclusively for SKT holders. Staking Thriends NFTs allows participants to earn Thriends meme tokens, with the much-anticipated launch scheduled for 2024. The current staking rate is set at a generous 0.3 TT per second, offering substantial token rewards. However, as the NFT community expands, the staking rate will gradually adjust.


IEO of Thriends Token is already started on P2B


The upcoming launch of Thriends meme tokens in 2024 adds an extra layer of excitement. With a current supply of 1.45 billion TT Meme tokens, including 300 million reserved for SKT holders, ample opportunities exist to earn Thriends meme tokens. Act promptly and stake your Thriends NFT to be part of this rewarding journey!

Thriends Token, designed to reward NFT holders, assumes a pivotal role in this community-driven project. NFTStreetKid, a prominent Threads influencer, leads Thriends, ensuring an inclusive and artistically rich experience for all participants.



About Thriends


The Thriends project adopts a straightforward approach, with the initial focus on selling the entire Thriends Collection before transitioning to subsequent phases. The creator prefers a flexible strategy, embracing opportunities as they arise, and maintains a day-by-day perspective. Starting as an entertaining collectible, the project will evolve gradually, with plans to explore utility in the future. While success is not guaranteed, the creator is dedicated to doing their best and acknowledges the vast opportunities within the evolving web3 landscape. Grateful for the support of the Threads community, both longstanding and new members are welcomed to join this journey of exploration and collaboration. The project’s progress and updates will be regularly shared on Threads, inviting everyone to stay connected and be part of the unfolding story.









Media Contact

Organization: Alex Milo

Contact Person: Thriends


Email: Send Email

City: Sydney

Country: Australia

Release Id: 1301248831

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