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Tiny Home Marketplace with Eco-friendly, Grid-free Units

United States, 3rd Jun 2022, King NewsWire, “Affordable tiny homes that reduce emissions and enable owners to live off the grid.” That’s the concept behind the new tiny home units manufactured by California-based construction company, Eco World Homes. 

Tiny homes have become popular over the last decade due to their affordability, minimalism and eco-friendliness. In fact, statistics indicate that the popularity of tiny homes market increased dramatically during the pandemic.  But despite this rapid growth and affordability of tiny homes, owning one can be prove quite costly over time. This is because many of them are poorly insulated, resulting in high energy costs and utility bills.

Eco World Homes is revolutionizing the small home market by manufacturing units that address the complex needs of the climate, lowering energy usage, and giving prospective home buyers an affordable option.  Far from the average tiny home manufacturer, Eco World Home leverages technology to create eco-friendly tiny homes that enable owners to live off the grid.  Each unit averages about 220 sqft and is constructed using recycled steel panels and polyurethane foam insulation. The company also employs a unique insulation system that can lower the overall energy consumption to 1.5 kW. Ultimately, tiny homeowners who install solar panels and energy storage would essentiality be living 100% off the grid.

But that’s not all.  Eco World’s proprietary software allows their customers to share energy between other tiny homes, bespoke or block-built homes.  The software is designed to enable users to target energy ‘hotspots’ and times when consumption is greatest or smallest. They can then make a few minor adjustments in their lifestyle and quickly make significant changes with their energy consumption.

Ali Roushanzamir is the CEO and founder of ECO-World Homes. When asked about his motivation for focusing on eco-friendly tiny homes, he said: “The housing market is tough! It is difficult to find a home, especially an affordable one; however, there are other pressing concerns for future homeowners, like climate change. When we decided to enter the tiny home market, we didn’t just want to create another tiny home, we wanted to make an impact on climate change and empower our customers to live comfortably and sustainably.”

Eco-World’s tiny homes are affordably priced, with units priced from as low as $29,000. For further information about Eco World Homes, or to browse their tiny homes catalog, visit: https://ecoworldhomes.com

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