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Transforming the Conventional Music Industry, Techno and Chill is Creating Opportunities for All Music Artists

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A multi-phase NFT-based project, TAC aims to create a Web3, Blockchain-based ecosystem that connects artists personally with their fans. NFT collection to be launched soon


Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, 16th Sep 2022, King NewsWire – Revolutionizing the Conventional Music Marketplace. 


With a vision of creating Web3 Music Marketplace, Techno and Chill is an NFT project that answers the recurring problems faced by music artists who struggle to connect with their targeted audiences and are often overshadowed by the excessive coverage given to the few top-rated artists. The project will officially launch with their NFT collection exclusively designed in the 3D avatar-style comprising 1,777 unique NFTS. 


Decentralized finance took the world by storm amid the Covid-19 crisis. As small businesses were forced to shut down and work from home became the new normal, people have significantly inclined towards the idea of passive income and investing in long-term reliable projects which guarantee returns. Techno and Chill project comes as a much knocked-upon opportunity for music artists and fans of good music to unite under the overarching umbrella. The platform has a lot to offer to its NFT holders. 


NFT holders will regularly have exciting giveaways and activities to keep the platform interactive and engaging for the community members who will eventually be decision-makers by entering the DAO. Furthermore, holders of NFT will receive exclusive benefits such as 10% of marketplace earnings and others. Artists can earn returns on having as few as 250 loyal fans support their journey on the platform. The community-centered project has expansion at its core, allowing for as many opportunities to be created for the growing community as possible. 


The developers of the project who are grateful for the response over their social media channels shared:

‘We aim to connect upcoming and established artists to their genuine fans by creating a Web3 Music Marketplace. The NFT platform gives creators the power to do whatever they want which makes them more independent and prevents them from getting exploited by record labels. This project will change the whole discourse of music industry. We provide equal opportunities for all.’


The mega project goes beyond the stakes of earnings and returns. It has an expected growth of 27.52% per year, and pays per stream are the same at $0.004 for Amazon Music and Spotify and $0.007 for Apple Music. Holders will have numerous opportunities to invest in creators they see potential in. Additionally, there is a return on the royalties generated across traditional streaming platforms as a holder of that NFT as a fan. The Techno and Chill Metaverse is expected to go on the floors by 2023. 


For more details and information, visit their website. Join their discord for all the latest updates. 


About Techno and Chill NFT 

Techno and Chill is an NFT project with multiple phases aimed at creating a Web3 ecosystem where artists will directly connect with their fans. This Blockchain model has replaced the conventional model, which created opportunities for a few while many struggled to make a mark. NFT holders will become part of the DAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization of the Techno and Chill platform where everything is community led with no central authority.

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