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UBDNET: The beginning of real decentralization


United States, 24th Jan 2023 – Crypto world has been constantly looking for options to secure asset storage tools to prevent loss problems, on the other side to be able to inherit digital assets and to also get passive income, but building such a system is quite challenging. 

With all the crises caused by human factors and irresponsible asset management, one might wonder: what is the best way to accumulate wealth, store it safely and be able to leave an inheritance?

The United Blockchain Dollar Network brings new opportunities to the market by creating an innovative digital blockchain infrastructure for asset management. 

United Blockchain Dollar Network

UBD Network is a tool for digital trust management that offers high interest rates on staking, regular payouts to node owners and stakeholders.

One of UBD Network’s distinctive features is that all funds are backed by BTC and ETH, which means that users’ funds are secured from any danger that might be caused by human factors.

Digital Trusts & Inheritance

From now on, users have the ability to create and edit Trust contracts that will manage their own funds. Users can alter existing Trust conditions as many times as they want or simply create a new Trust. Trust also allows users not to worry about any human risk factors or about deprivation or political, and judicial risks. It also protects from losing the keys and in case of inheritance trust creation, the founder can protect his heirs from irresponsible spending or family conflicts.

Payouts & No LockUps

No more lockup contracts: UBD Network gives its users the freedom to define a favorable payout schedule. Users are able to withdraw rewards any time and get a steady revenue stream that can be used for daily needs. Mark that the main principle is: the longer you hold your funds the higher interest you get.

Magic of Compound Interest

Another option is not to withdraw your earnings, but let them reinvest and thus multiply your rewards. You can set up your stake in a way that earned interest gets added to your deposit, enlarging the return received for the next period.

The best way to profit from your assets is to combine the long-term holding strategy that provides you with a higher rate with the compound interest. The more often interest is compounded, the higher your returns will be. 

Transparent Attractor 

24/7 available attractor providing live proof of reserves stats to any user which means that user can see the value of his assets.

More to come

The project has other great features to bring more innovative offerings to the crypto world: smart security access, internal exchange feature and more. Subscribe to ubdn.com on social media to keep up with the latest updates and special offers!


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