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Undercity – A Real Place and Metaverse for Gamers Creating Value for Investors and Users

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Enter a revolutionary crypto game with Undercity acting as the first bridge between the digital and real world.



France, 5th Jan 2023, King NewsWireAs a place of reference in the blockchain landscape, Undercity stands out for its great retro gaming classics as well as the technological innovations that are transforming tomorrow’s games. Integrated into the real and digital world, it is the first village built specifically for gamers, role-players, and cosplayers. The game is set to open its presale on 4th February, providing people around the world with the opportunity to check out unique products and use the game’s under token. 

As a first act to earn, Undercity consists of a 10,000-square-foot area with virtual reality, a streaming room, a gaming room, a giant screen, and an atmospheric restaurant and bar. In addition to replicating the village in the metaverse, the village will also feature atypical accommodations in which people can spend unforgettable moments, as well as discover unique products. This game is a dream come true for video game enthusiasts, and it was designed to create a complete ecosystem and generate a virtuous internal economy. 


“Enter the Undercity, a revolutionary crypto that you can use in the first gamer village on 10,000 m2 but also directly in our METAVERSE. A mix between reality and digital. It is the first act To earn a village in Europe. We are the gamer village, the dream place for video game enthusiasts. From the great retro gaming classics to the technological innovations that will make the games of tomorrow. Undercity stands out as a place of reference in the blockchain landscape,” shares the founder of Undercity. 

The blockchain-based role-play shooting game Undercity offers a variety of weapons for players to choose from. To complete missions and earn tokens and NFT, the player must upgrade the level of their character. In addition to several cutting-edge features essential for modern multiplayer FPS games, this game contains objects such as weapons, characters, projectiles, shells, explosions, game modes, and much more. This game’s token omics were carefully designed and structured for longevity and to ensure all token holders in the ecosystem are rewarded with value. A strong focus is put on the importance of the community as the engine of the platform’s growth. In addition, the structure allows the platform to easily adjust to new opportunities and challenges.


“The underverse is a unique “open world” in 3D, where the web3 community can meet to build relationships and have unlimited fun. The currency used in our metaverse is the UNDER, this allows us to create an entire web3 digital ecosystem. The UNDER is not only a finance token, it is also a utility token registered in a precise ecosystem and designed to develop. We have decided to establish an innovative token comic in order to put the UNDER token at the center of our blockchain ecosystem,” adds the founder of Undercity. 

The team behind the Undercity project strives to build a complete ecosystem and a virtuous internal economy in the belief that the future of blockchain lies in decentralized communities. The game has garnered a lot of attention and fame from video game enthusiasts for its unique features and benefits. Moreover, the game brings several discounts offers for the users, enabling them to take part in Undercity activities with a 5% discount on the price. Users have to pay the entrance fees to Undercity only once and can have in-app purchases and customization items.

“We have created a plan to develop the UNDERCITY platform with a smart contract for pre-sale. Expansion of the development team, expansion of the marketing strategy, expansion and optimization of the server infrastructure, establishment of the roadmap and targets for 2023,” shares the team of Undercity. 

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