‘Upstairs’ CEO Rex Teo Talks About The Future Of NFTs In An Increasingly Digital World

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Singapore, 3rd Oct 2022 – NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are becoming the new sensation in the world. In this digital age, everything that is even remotely related to technology has become an instant hit. Anything that comes with a few letters like ‘crypto’, ‘blockchain’, and ‘token’ becomes extremely popular among the masses. Even people who know very little about technology are jumping onto these trends to make money from them. Which means that any and every company which mentions crypto or blockchain becomes an overnight sensation with their stock price shooting up. It is truly a remarkable time to be alive! But amidst all these ridiculous market bubbles and schemes, there are some real brilliant innovations waiting to be discovered. 

NFTs are definitely one such innovation, and Rex Teo, the founder of the famous NFT collection Mutant Ape Kids Club and the co-founder and CEO of Upstairs, is making it more accessible to the others with his brilliant solutions. Teo, who has gained massive popularity for his unparalleled knowledge of everything technology and especially the world of NFTs, has changed how millions around the world look at innovations like these. 

As one of the leading NFT creators in Asia, Teo has managed to build a large community of around 200K followers who take his lead for every move they make in the field of blockchain. He single handedly built the Mutant Ape Kids Club, which reached top 500 all time on Opensea, The community has served as a one-stop destination for young investors and creators to learn the ropes of the trade of NFT and blockchain, and the blue tick verification it has received serves as a constant reminder of Teo’s diverse achievements in this space. 

An entrepreneur and millionaire, Teo has received multiple awards for his contribution to the field and has been invited to speak at various conferences over the world on a variety of topics he has expertise in, from technology in general to blockchain and NFTs in particular. 

After the massive success of Mutant Ape Kids Club, which has earned him a gross revenue of over $10 million over the last few years, Teo is now working on launching Upstairs, an NFT marketplace which has received lots of attention over the last few months. 

With Upstairs in the works, Teo is very optimistic about NFTs and the future of blockchain technology, which is not being used in every sector, from finance to healthcare. 

“The idea of non-fungible digital assets has gained a lot of traction in the blockchain space. In simple terms, non-fungible tokens are unique digital assets that can’t be replaced by another token with the same properties. They are not interchangeable likelike Bitcoin or Ether, where one token is essentially identical to another. Instead, each token has its own unique identifier, set of criteria, and ownership history. The use cases for non-fungible tokens go far beyond what most people might assume at first glance. There are plenty of potential applications for them across different industries,” he said at a conference, speaking at a conference attended by the Finance Minister of many of the major emerging economies.

“NFTs are booming for a reason — it is an asset of the future. It can provide solutions for problems we’ve been battling to solve for decades but haven’t made headway. If its potential is utilized correctly, it will make the world more fair and connected than ever before,” he added. 

Talking about Upstairs, he said it was an attempt to build a worldwide community of technology enthusiasts who are interested in blockchain and NFTs by creating a world class platform which supports their ambitions and supporting their efforts to grow and make it to the big boy league. 

“NFTs are the next big thing in financial technology. Many people are excited about this new type of cryptocurrency because they can be used for a wide variety of purposes. For example, NFTs can be used to represent real-world assets such as art or land. They can also be used to represent digital items like software licenses or web domains,” he says. 

“The key advantage of NFTs is that they are easy to transfer between different users. This makes them ideal for use cases where ownership needs to be tracked over time, like in the case of property titles. Furthermore, NFTs are more secure than traditional cryptocurrencies because there is no central authority that can manipulate the network. As a result, NFTs have a bright future ahead of them,” Teo adds, calling NFT’s the future of finance. 

Teo’s bullish outlook on NFTs and blockchain is inspiring trust in thousands of investors around the world, many of whom have credited their success to his galvanizing leadership. His new venture will build upon his past success to create a platform that guides and nurtures a million more to invest in this space and lead the transformation that is underway in the digital world. 

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