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Vintage Muscle’s best seller: The Alpha Test Stack – Vintage Muscle Review


Vintage Muscle is a company that is centered on producing high-quality fitness and health supplements for the everyday gymgoer. We spoke with Jared Van Yperen, owner of Vintage Muscle to discuss their top-selling product the Alpha Test stack

“What makes our product so special is that we really go out and find these state of the art ingredients and more exotic supplements that the typical supplement brand won’t use,” says Jared Van Yperen. 

This is reflected in the success that their clients face not just in their fitness and health journeys but in their everyday lives as well. 

Jared Van Yperen says, “What I’ve found with customers, is oftentimes they come to us looking for something to help them get over the hump at the gym or offer them a little bit of advantage at the gym. It then becomes a feedback loop where that little spark gets them going.” 

Vintage Muscle provides various fitness and health solutions from individual supplements to their famous stacks. Some of these products include; Equi-Mass drops, the 19 Nor stack, and the RAD-Mass stack. 

“With vintage muscle, our goal is to find the most powerful and safe over-the-counter anabolic ingredients that can help customers reach their physique, fitness, and health goals while offering easy to use stacks that aren’t underdosed or overpriced,” says Jared Van Yperen. 

When it comes to Vintage Muscle’s best-selling and most popular stack, the Alpha Test stack takes the crown. 

“I think why the Alpha Test stack is popular is that with declining testosterone levels nowadays men don’t have that motivation or that recovery and drive to be hitting the gym every day,” says Jared Van Yperen. The Alpha Test stack consists of both Methyl-Test, which are testosterone supporting capsules, as well as their popular Epi-Andro solution. 

Jared Van Yperen says, “We’ve got a really cool ingredient in our Alpha Test stack called Epi-Andro, that’s a precursor to dehydroepiandrosterone. And that hormone is the hormone responsible for masculinity. It’s what grows your beard, helps your fast-twitch muscles, and it adds to your libido.” 

The Alpha Test stack is a great product for people who wish to start going to the gym or gain motivation to head to the gym more often. 

Jared Van Yperen says, “ I think people are looking to get some of that energy they had when they were younger, so they hop on and try our best selling stack, our Alpha Test stack. I’ve even heard it referred to as ‘liquid ambition’.”

With that in mind, it becomes easy to notice why the Alpha Test stack is their top-selling product. As a whole, Vintage Muscle provides various high-quality supplements that can aid in the progress of your workouts as well as boost your motivation in everyday life activities. 

“Once they start seeing more energy, then they go to the gym, and when they’re going to the gym, they’re more disciplined. And when they’re more disciplined, it affects a wide array of their life. When people buy a Vintage Muscle stack, it turns into a whole revolution of their lifestyle,” says Jared Van Yperen. 


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