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Voyager Digital set to receive financial boost from unknown crypto investment firm MetaFormLabs.

London, United Kingdom, 13th Jul 2022, King NewsWire, Prominent crypto broker Voyager Digital has seen a decline in both their stock and crypto market prices since Three Arrows Capital declared bankruptcy and defaulted on a loan of over $650million. 

The announcements from Voyager Digital have been mixed since this default with Alameda Research stepping in to provide a loan in attempts to settle Voyager Digital finances. Most recently Voyager Digital has applied for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and a pause on all activity via their App which caused a further slump on their markets.

Holders of both Voyager Digital stock $VOYG and Voyager Digital’s crypto token $VGX have been seen discussing their stories in an attempt to push the CEO of Voyager Digital to reopen withdrawals and deposits.

After scanning the messages from all the users unable to use Voyager Digital’s app we found a twitter account  (username @MetaFormLabs). The team behind this account intends to assist Voyager Digital in securing finances via a trading plan they have established. The account has been growing at a rapid pace since the team first announced their intentions.

We reached out to @MetaFormLabs for comment:


“We have all been there with recent events showcasing that 1 collapse can lead to a major collapse of the crypto markets. $LUNA seems to have sparked this domino effect with a lot of users left in the shadows as these major organisations become bankrupt due to unfortunate circumstances.

We are not looking to sympathise with Voyager Digital however their holders, users and investors should not be hurt through a event that has shocked everyone. 

We will are therefore combining our knowledge in crypto markets we have built since 2010 and announcing a July 18 event via our twitter account in which we will be buying 50,000,000 USD worth of both $VOYG + $VGX. This is an advance message to users that lost hope and may allow the wider space to start seeing some positive news about Voyager which may lead to growth in numbers. 

Not only will we be running the buy event, we will be using our crypto contacts and have already accepted pledges from some prominent names in the crypto space who decide to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. 

On top of this we will be reaching out to Voyager Digital after July 18 to help them with bridging over the 650million deficit left by 3AC collapse. 

Our plan is simple but we see it as effective, we will make use of every avenue we can to ensure the successful revival of Voyager Digital.”

The team behind MetaForm asked us to publish their story and intends to remain anonymous due to fears of repercussions from its objectives they have discussed with us. 

We will continue following the story and publish more releases as we filter through the content published.


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