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Wassiyyah Announces its exclusive membership for estate planning

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Canada, 13th Dec 2022 – Wassiyyah, a rapidly progressing estate planning company, today announces its exclusive membership with major benefits. The intent is to allow many people to create their estate plans at the most affordable cost.

A lifetime premium membership includes many benefits, including but not limited to accessing the academy, creating estate plans, and accessing premium content to keep updated with current estate planning requirements.

Wassiyyah is here to break the barrier of cost, which is one of the most significant factors why people do not have estate plans. Very high estate planning costs associated with finite, limited expertise available – this builds a wall to create and accomplish estate planning goals. Wassiyyah’s foundation of estate planning is based on the belief that it doesn’t have to be pricey or complicated. That’s why the platform offers cheap, quality, and compliant estate planning solutions to help create their estate plans before it is too late. 

Wassiyyah’s service is not limited to a single country or jurisdictional. Wassiyyah offers solutions that meet worldwide needs. Wassiyyah’s offers estate planning products delivered through a simple, secure, and easy-to-use interface without requiring extraordinary skills.

Wassiyyah’s estate planning offers many practical products to secure your values, wishes, and wealth. Wassiyyah’s vision is to give access to the community worldwide with the most quality and affordable service so that no one would have without estate plans created. 

Customers no longer have to wait for an appointment but can create estate plans online anytime.  Wassiyyah is also a learning resource provider that inspires people through free and premium blogs and articles. The platform also serves as an Academy for Inheritance and estate planning courses.

Wassiyyah offers many resources that are free with quick sign-up. By joining Wassiyyah, you can get access to non-premium blogs and articles. For more information, visit

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