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WB-Mining launches the world’s first real gold NFTs

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Kingstown, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines, 1st Nov 2022,  The world’s first project to innovatively connect digital gaming and entertainment culture with the real world and economy is a brilliant idea by founder Jochen Weinel. 

WB-Mining is a pioneer project and a milestone in entertainment culture. 

At WB-Mining the NFT holders are the owners of the “Lucky me claim” and benefit from the gold finds at the end of the season, which is absolutely unique. Normally in the Yukon only one rich owner benefits from the gold finds (10-15%). 

WB-Mining offers everyone the opportunity to participate! 
So far there are 2 NFT collections , which are presented below.

WB-Mining NFT collections “First Mover” and “Lucky Me”

  • Real gold mining company in Yukon, Canada
  • Limited editions 
  • Sale of mined gold for distribution to all NFT holders.

WB-Mining NFT Collection 1 “First Mover”

Launched on October 24th, 2022.

This NFT collection was issued to all early investors who believed in the project from the beginning. The entire Pioneer Edition NFT collections (limited to 3100 NFTs) will receive 5% of the gold mined on the “Lucky me claim” for as long as the claim is processed. Other benefits include the right to whitelisting for future NFTs and special editions and additional benefits as long as WB-Mining is in business.

WB-Mining NFT Collection 2 “Lucky Me”

Launched on October 27th, 2022.

The NFT collection 2 “Lucky Me” is freely available on the market (Opensea.io) and limited to a total of 378 NFTs.

The entire NFT collection is divided into 8 different NFTs:

  • Gold Dust & Gold Dust Special Edition with a gold-reward of 0.00283%
  • Gold Flake & Gold Flake Special Edition with a gold-reward of 0.01961%
  • Gold Nugget & Gold Nugget Special Edition with a gold-reward of 0.04577%
  • Gold Bar Special Edition with a gold-reward of 0.13908%
  • Gold Vein Special Edition with a gold-reward of 0.56928%

The entire NFT collection 2 will receive 10% of the gold mined on the “Lucky me claim” for as long as the claim is processed.

But WB-Mining is much more than that.

For more information, visit our website at https://wb-mining.com

Media Contact

Organization: Double U-B LLC

Contact Person: Jochen Weinel

Email: info@wb-mining.com

Phone: +4915775066619

Website: https://wb-mining.com

Address 1: 1″ Floor, First St. Vincent Bank LtD, James Street

City: Kingstown, VC0100

Country: Saint Vincent And The Grenadines