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Webisoft Introduces CosmWasm Developmental Lab for Digital Products

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Webisoft is a digital and product development consulting firm. The company recently launched CosmWasm Developmental Lab in Montreal to enhance software development.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 8th Oct 2022, King NewsWire, Webisoft is a development agency that works as Web, app, and complex software development. In the latest record, the company has invested in CosmWasm technologies and launched a CosmWasm Lab.

Webisoft builds a modified CosmWasm Software Developmental Lab in Montreal. The development agency offers conversion optimization, growth hacking, and content marketing through CosmWasm Dev services.

CosmWasm Developmental Lab: Webisoft offers a CosmWasm Lab to build smart contracts. It uses it to create contracts on a cosmos SDK-based chain. Since the inception of CosmWasm, Webisoft has used it on several dApp projects along with the Cosmos SDK. With the CosmWasm Developmental Lab, Webisoft offers the following features:

  • Architecture
  • Cosmos Integration
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Custom Contract Development

CosmWasm Lab is built on Cosmos-SDK/Tendermint for developing multi-chain smart contracts. It is designed to be easily accessible to all digital developers. CosmWasm provides a comprehensive toolset for working with smart contracts, including a robust development environment, an extensive standard library, and a wide range of toolsets and documentation.

Webisoft provides a “No Single Chain Lock-in” feature using CosmWasm Lab. The feature offers the ability to move a project by building a bridge between the two chains. It allows for a seamless transition for the project and eliminates the need for complex migration processes. As the project grows, users can quickly launch a new CosmWasm zone based on Wasmd. It will allow them to iterate on new multi-chain protocols as CosmWasm contracts and allow users to join their new blockchain.

Furthermore, CosmWasm Lab provides following characteristics on Webisoft:

1. Performance

CosmWasm handles several hundred transactions per second. Moreover, CosmWasm’s multi-chain structure splits the load between connected chains.

2. Security

 CosmWasm prevents several classes of attacks present in Solidity.

3. Composition

CosmWasm composition is a suitable way to extend the functionality of the client’s smart contract. People can create a robust and customized contract by combining multiple CosmWasm and Cosmos SDK modules.

About Webisoft:

Webisoft is a Digital transformation and product development company based in Montreal. It automates its client’s business, connects their systems, and assembles tools for its client. Webisoft is a consulting firm with a core in marketing, design, sales, and software development. The company designs and develops innovative products for businesses and startups. The company builds digital products by using its services.

Intending users and potential digital enthusiasts must visit the Website for further information.

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